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sequel of Tales of Xillia...setting 1 year after Xillia...release Winter

f you guessed Tales of Xillia 2 when Namco Bandai began its "Next Tales of" countdown, you were right! At todays' Tales of Festival event, series producer Hideo Baba officially confirmed the new game to be Tales of Xillia 2.

The sequel, in development for PS3 for release in Winter 2012, will take place one year after the original. You'll once again be able to select between two main characters, one male and one female. Ayumi Hamasaki will once again do the theme song honors.

An official site for the new game will be opened shortly at

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It was that popular to warrant a sequel? Hope the first gets localized then.

Tales of Xillia 2 = FFVIII remake confirmed.

After the success of grace f I'm sure Namco will release the first one soon.


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I thought it would be a new one to the series, not a sequel. Kinda disappointed, especially since the western version of the first one isnt even out....I hope it comes out along with this sequel D:


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This is good.
It will be more like a numbered title like Destiny 2 and not like Symphonia 2.
Xillia 2 already looked promising in the trailer and showed some quality and could probably be a game on its own.
They just used Xillia 2 probably too fill in the unclear stuff from Xillia so they don't need to release a DC cause that wouldn't make that much sense to release the same game again on the PS3(you can't port it anywhere else except PC cause Bamco showed they always ported up to the BEST console with Vesperia and Graces).

Hope this will be again a christmas with a Tales of Import.Would make me happy.Those are always the best holidays.

Goes to check sales of the first Xilia game:

Hmmm. 500k opening week 660k LTD. Its pretty big in Japan for not being Final Fantasy!

Looks like i is shaping up to be one awesome game I loved Tales of Xillia can't wait to get this later this year^^

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WHy they keep making the graphics more and more "realistic". Vesperia is still the best looking tales




Anyway... expected!

But TOO much expected. Ah, who cares, this is going to be big.