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What did you think of Microsoft's E3?

Best E3 EVER! 21 3.65%
Best MS E3 I've seen in a while 11 1.91%
Great! 30 5.21%
It was decent 65 11.28%
Meh... 130 22.57% 115 19.97%
Worst E3 ever! 107 18.58%
See results 92 15.97%

Is it harsh for me to call this "Pain for Kinect"?

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Xbox One: What are you doing Dave?

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RE6 doesn't look very gamey more of a long clip

This is just angry birds

walsufnir said:
i can't believe this is on xbox!

It looked great, but believable for this generation. Regardless, it does prove there's still plenty of life left in both HD consoles.


Angry Birds 3D for Kinect.






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why can't I play this with a controller exactly? o_O

Hmm, I'd tap her!

Seriously. She has an awesome rack. Get it? Racka-teers! XD

Copyrighted joke!

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lol angry birds: kinect

DLC timed exclusive to 360 for RE6.

This looks like Angry Birds for Kinect...