Toonami is coming back on May 26th.....

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You heard right toonami is coming back! I now get to relive my childhood thanks to this and even more it seems they are bring back old tom! Let us bask in the memoires of toonami and also thank Richie Branson who’s rap seemed to help bring it back.


The rap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlbbLFgiVQk&feature=relmfu

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It can come back, but I don't think it'll have the shows to back it up. Bandai's all but stopped bringing anime over. Sentai Filmworks pretty much only liscenses NSFW stuff. DC animated has been relegated to Young Justice (Great show). I'm not even sure Funimation would put stuff on there (Though this might save their asses if they can get stuff on the air again). There aren't too many action shows even being made. And WTF is wrong with them? Why are they putting Toonami on Adult Swim? Toonami worked because it was an after school block.

Stupid, I agree. Needs to be on after school.

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^^ It does.

If they can get uncut One Piece, i'm so all over it.

The question of what kind of content they can get their hands on is of huge importance.

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Yes! Here's hoping they have the lineup to support it.

Love and tolerate.

I remember they were looking to getting Tiger and Bunny as well as Fairy Tail if I remember right.

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Does anyone know if a line up has been announced?

xKakashi209x said:
Does anyone know if a line up has been announced?

No line up yet the only idea we have right now is from this Adult swim press statmet "TOONAMI - Beginning Saturday, May 26, Adult Swim brings back Toonami, the network's popular block of anime programming. Airing weekly from midnight to 6 a.m. (ET/PT), in addition to the return of previous series featured in Toonami, Adult Swim is also developing new original anime programming for fans."

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what the hell is with the time slot ant it ment for kids


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