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I love how so many people are butt hurt over this... personally I think it's amazing and as people have said, this is pure fan service...

To everyone hating on the game:

Shut up. -.-"

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snfr said:
Some people's comments are really funny, ridiculous and also quite predictable.

However, it looks a lot like Smash Bros., but I enjoyed every single SSB game. So I'm definitely interested in this and I'm looking forward to more info. I also hope that Sony tries a few new things that Nintendo haven't done with Show

SONY is so great for Copying Nintendo !!! Well Done SONY

GOO SONY? COPY the next thing THE Wii U Tablet


hahahahahahahahahahaha everything when copy is MADE IN CHINA hahahahahahahhaha SONY CHINA

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AndrewWK said:
Disappointing, and pathetic. Who the fuck is fat princess? or this dog with the hat? Sony disappointed me a second time this year. This is just sad. I really love Sony and my PS3, but this is embarrassing how can you possibly justify such a cheap knock off?


 What's wrong with Fat Princess and Parappa?

Euphoria14 said:
Zim said:

... just saw the gameplay. I mean we know they had copies of super smash bros in their office but come on that is kinda ridiculous.

Not to mention the first characters shown and it's already as embarrassing as I feared it would be. Radec from Killzone? ..... yes he's almost as well known as pikachu I believe. Fat Princess? It was a good game but again a totally forgettable character from only a few years ago.

It just looks like such an embarrassing cheap knock off. It's the type of thing you would expect to see posted on youtube as ''Chinese knock-off of SSB found!'' alongside videos of the Vii and other knock off consoles.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that if someone like Gameloft made this then EVERYONE would be disgusted. But because it's Sony suddenly some people think it's fine. 

In all honestly tell me who knew much about Ness, Pit or Metaknight? What made JigglyPuff worthy as a mascot along with Pikachu? They too used not so well known characters to beef their roster and you know what? It ended up making these characters more well known.

I grew up with Nintendo and I didn't even know where Ness was from.

Yeah, when I played smash I didn't know

Ike, Marth, Lucario (didn't realize he was a pokemon), Lucas, Ness (and I had played earthbound as a kid!) roy, captain falcon (even though I played f-zero a lot as a kid)

Wait till the complaints about "Who the fuck is this?!" if we suddenly see Jumping Flash, lol.

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These meltdowns are pure gold

It's definitely Brawl in gay version

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VicViper said:
^ From Eurogamer

None of this really strays from the Smash Bros. formula, but the scoring method has notable differences. Attacking foes fills an AP bar at the bottom of the screen, which grants three levels of a super attack once filled. You can attack an opponent all day, but the only way you'll actually score a point is if you KO them with a super attack. Level one attacks are usually limited, such as Parappa's spin kick. Once you get to level three, however, you're almost guaranteed a couple of points with screen-clearing attacks. Parappa breaks into a rap performance that annihilates nearby opponents, while Sweet Tooth transforms into his robot form for an insane damage boost.

This seems the main difference between this game and SSB, but it does not sounds good or fun in paper, will have to try it for myself to see if it is fun or not, but it looks like the game is going to be more chaotic as everyone wants to fill up their bars and then it can be very slow as people tries to avoid the super powers of the enemies.

The rooster seems ok right now and of the 6 characters announced only 1 is not part of the common fan service list (fat princess). All the designs looked fine and is kind of difficult to mix characters that in their game go for a realistic look (Kratos, Radeck) with other that are a lot more cartoony (Sly, PaRappa), but the results are still up for debate.The only design I really did not like was PaRappa, it does not look flat enough.

Some comments here are ridiculous!! But if you guys keep quoting them, it will continue this troll-fest!

I fail to see how its a clone, considering it has its own vast array of characters and maps.

by nintendo fans logic, guilty gear is a ripoff of street fighter. tekken and bloody roar are ripoffs of virtua fighter. Dead or alive is a ripoff of tekken.

playstaion all-stars follows the same formula as super smash bros, but all the ingredients are vastly different and, by the looks of this gameplay, well polished.

nintendo fans are not the only ones allowed to have a callab fighter. quit whining