2012 NFL Schedule released!!!! who's takin it this year!?!?!?!?

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Week 1

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
9/5/12 (Wednesday) Dallas at New York Giants 8:30PM (NBC)
9/9/12 Indianapolis at Chicago 1PM
9/9/12 Jacksonville at Minnesota 1PM
9/9/12 Buffalo at NY Jets 1PM
9/9/12 Miami at Houston 1PM
9/9/12 New England at Tennessee 1PM
9/9/12 St. Louis at Detroit 1PM
9/9/12 Washington at New Orleans 1PM
9/9/12 Philadelphia at Cleveland 1PM
9/9/12 Atlanta at Kansas City 1PM
9/9/12 San Francisco at Green Bay 4:15PM
9/9/12 Seattle at Arizona 4:15PM
9/9/12 Carolina at Tampa Bay 4:15PM
9/9/12 (Sunday Night) Pittsburgh at Denver 8:20PM (NBC)
9/10/12 (Monday Night) Cincinnati at Baltimore 7PM (ESPN)
9/10/12 (Monday Night) San Diego at Oakland 10:15PM (ESPN)

Week 2

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
9/13/12 (Thursday) Chicago at Green Bay 8:20PM (NFL Network)
9/16/12 Tampa Bay at NY Giants 1PM
9/16/12 New Orleans at Carolina 1PM
9/16/12 Arizona at New England 1PM
9/16/12 Minnesota at Indianapolis 1PM
9/16/12 Baltimore at Philadelphia 1PM
9/16/12 Kansas City at Buffalo 1PM
9/16/12 Cleveland at Cincinnati 1PM
9/16/12 Houston at Jacksonville 1PM
9/16/12 Dallas at Seattle 4:05PM
9/16/12 Washington at St. Louis 4:05PM
9/16/12 NY Jets at Pittsburgh 4:15PM
9/16/12 Tennessee at San Diego 4:15PM
9/16/12 Oakland at Miami 4:15PM
9/16/12 (Sunday Night) Detroit at San Francisco 8:20PM (NBC)
9/17/12 (Monday Night) Denver at Atlanta 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 3

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
9/20/12 (Thursday) NY Giants at Carolina 8:20PM (NFL Network)
9/23/12 Tampa Bay at Dallas 1PM
9/23/12 St. Louis at Chicago 1PM
9/23/12 San Francisco at Minnesota 1PM
9/23/12 Detroit at Tennessee 1PM
9/23/12 Cincinnati at Washington 1PM
9/23/12 Kansas City at New Orleans 1PM
9/23/12 NY Jets at Miami 1PM
9/23/12 Buffalo at Cleveland 1PM
9/23/12 Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1PM
9/23/12 Philadelphia at Arizona 4:05PM
9/23/12 Atlanta at San Diego 4:05PM
9/23/12 Houston at Denver 4:15PM
9/23/12 Pittsburgh at Oakland 4:15PM
9/23/12 (Sunday Night) New England at Baltimore 8:20PM (NBC)
9/24/12 (Monday Night) Green Bay at Seattle 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 4

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
9/27/12 (Thursday) Cleveland at Baltimore 8:20PM (NFL Network)
9/30/12 New England at Buffalo 1PM
9/30/12 Tennessee at Houston 1PM
9/30/12 San Diego at Kansas City 1PM
9/30/12 Minnesota at Detroit 1PM
9/30/12 Carolina at Atlanta 1PM
9/30/12 Seattle at St. Louis 1PM
9/30/12 San Francisco at NY Jets 1PM
9/30/12 Miami at Arizona 4:05PM
9/30/12 Oakland at Denver 4:05PM
9/30/12 Cincinnati at Jacksonville 4:05PM
9/30/12 New Orleans at Green Bay 4:15PM
9/30/12 Washington at Tampa Bay 4:15PM
9/30/12 (Sunday Night) NY Giants at Philadelphia 8:20PM (NBC)
10/1/12 (Monday Night) Chicago at Dallas 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 5

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
10/4/12 (Thursday) Arizona at St. Louis 8:20PM (NFL Network)
10/7/12 Atlanta at Washington 1PM
10/7/12 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh 1PM
10/7/12 Green Bay at Indianapolis 1PM
10/7/12 Cleveland at NY Giants 1PM
10/7/12 Tennessee at Minnesota 1PM
10/7/12 Miami at Cincinnati 1PM
10/7/12 Baltimore at Kansas City 1PM
10/7/12 Seattle at Carolina 4:05PM
10/7/12 Chicago at Jacksonville 4:05PM
10/7/12 Denver at New England 4:15PM
10/7/12 Buffalo at San Francisco 4:15PM
10/7/12 (Sunday Night) San Diego at New Orleans 8:20PM (NBC)
10/8/12 (Monday Night) Houston at NY Jets 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 6

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
10/11/12 (Thursday) Pittsburgh at Tennessee 8:20PM (NFL Network)
10/14/12 Oakland at Atlanta 1PM
10/14/12 Kansas City at Tampa Bay 1PM
10/14/12 Indianapolis at NY Jets 1PM
10/14/12 Cincinnati at Cleveland 1PM
10/14/12 Detroit at Philadelphia 1PM
10/14/12 St. Louis at Miami 1PM
10/14/12 Dallas at Baltimore 1PM
10/14/12 Buffalo at Arizona 4:05PM
10/14/12 New England at Seattle 4:05PM
10/14/12 NY Giants at San Francisco 4:15PM
10/14/12 Minnesota at Washington 4:15PM
10/14/12 (Sunday Night) Green Bay at Houston 8:20PM (NBC)
10/15/12 (Monday Night) Denver at San Diego 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 7

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
10/18/12 (Thursday) Seattle at San Francisco 8:20PM (NFL Network)
10/21/12 Washington at NY Giants 1PM
10/21/12 Arizona at Minnesota 1PM
10/21/12 Dallas at Carolina 1PM
10/21/12 New Orleans at Tampa Bay 1PM
10/21/12 Green Bay at St. Louis 1PM
10/21/12 Baltimore at Houston 1PM
10/21/12 Cleveland at Indianapolis 1PM
10/21/12 Tennessee at Buffalo 1PM
10/21/12 NY Jets at New England 4:15PM
10/21/12 Jacksonville at Oakland 4:15PM
10/21/12 (Sunday Night) Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 8:20PM (NBC)
10/22/12 (Monday Night) Detroit at Chicago 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 8

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
10/25/12 (Thursday) Tampa Bay at Minnesota 8:20PM (NFL Network)
10/28/12 Jacksonville at Green Bay 1PM
10/28/12 Miami at NY Jets 1PM
10/28/12 San Diego at Cleveland 1PM
10/28/12 Indianapolis at Tennessee 1PM
10/28/12 New England at St. Louis 1PM
10/28/12 Atlanta at Philadelphia 1PM
10/28/12 Carolina at Chicago 1PM
10/28/12 Seattle at Detroit 1PM
10/28/12 Washington at Pittsburgh 1PM
10/28/12 Oakland at Kansas City 4:05PM
10/28/12 NY Giants at Dallas 4:15PM
10/28/12 (Sunday Night) New Orleans at Denver 8:20PM (NBC)
10/29/12 (Monday Night) San Francisco at Arizona 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 9

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/1/12 (Thursday) Kansas City at San Diego 8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/4/12 Carolina at Washington 1PM
11/4/12 Arizona at Green Bay 1PM
11/4/12 Detroit at Jacksonville 1PM
11/4/12 Chicago at Tennessee 1PM
11/4/12 Denver at Cincinnati 1PM
11/4/12 Baltimore at Cleveland 1PM
11/4/12 Buffalo at Houston 1PM
11/4/12 Miami at Indianapolis 1PM
11/4/12 Minnesota at Seattle 4:05PM
11/4/12 Tampa Bay at Oakland 4:05PM
11/4/12 Pittsburgh at NY Giants 4:15PM
11/4/12 (Sunday Night) Dallas at Atlanta 8:20PM (NBC)
11/5/12 (Monday Night) Philadelphia at New Orleans 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 10

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/8/12 (Thursday) Indianapolis at Jacksonville 8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/11/12 Denver at Carolina 1PM
11/11/12 San Diego at Tampa Bay 1PM
11/11/12 Tennessee at Miami 1PM
11/11/12 Buffalo at New England 1PM
11/11/12 Oakland at Baltimore 1PM
11/11/12 NY Giants at Cincinnati 1PM
11/11/12 Atlanta at New Orleans 1PM
11/11/12 Detroit at Minnesota 1PM
11/11/12 NY Jets at Seattle 4:05PM
11/11/12 Dallas at Philadelphia 4:15PM
11/11/12 St. Louis at San Francisco 4:15PM
11/11/12 (Sunday Night) Houston at Chicago 8:20PM (NBC)
11/12/12 (Monday Night) Kansas City at Pittsburgh 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 11

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/15/12 (Thursday) Miami at Buffalo 8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/18/12 Philadelphia at Washington 1PM
11/18/12 Green Bay at Detroit 1PM
11/18/12 Arizona at Atlanta 1PM
11/18/12 Tampa Bay at Carolina 1PM
11/18/12 Cleveland at Dallas 1PM
11/18/12 NY Jets at St. Louis 1PM
11/18/12 Indianapolis at New England 1PM
11/18/12 Jacksonville at Houston 1PM
11/18/12 Cincinnati at Kansas City 1PM
11/18/12 New Orleans at Oakland 4:05PM
11/18/12 San Diego at Denver 4:15PM
11/18/12 (Sunday Night) Baltimore at Pittsburgh 8:20PM (NBC)
11/19/12 (Monday Night) Chicago at San Francisco 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 12

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving) Houston at Detroit 12:30PM (CBS)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving) Washington at Dallas 4:15PM (FOX)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving) New England at NY Jets 8:20PM (NBC)
11/25/12 Oakland at Cincinnati 1PM
11/25/12 Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1PM
11/25/12 Buffalo at Indianapolis 1PM
11/25/12 Tennessee at Jacksonville 1PM
11/25/12 Denver at Kansas City 1PM
11/25/12 Minnesota at Chicago 1PM
11/25/12 Atlanta at Tampa Bay 1PM
11/25/12 Seattle at Miami 1PM
11/25/12 Baltimore at San Diego 4:05PM
11/25/12 San Francisco at New Orleans 4:15PM
11/25/12 St. Louis at Arizona 4:15PM
11/25/12 (Sunday Night) Green Bay at NY Giants 8:20PM (NBC)
11/26/12 (Monday Night) Carolina at Philadelphia 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 13

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/29/12 (Thursday) New Orleans at Atlanta 8:20PM (NFL Network)
12/2/12 Seattle at Chicago 1PM
12/2/12 Minnesota at Green Bay 1PM
12/2/12 San Francisco at St. Louis 1PM
12/2/12 Arizona at NY Jets 1PM
12/2/12 Carolina at Kansas City 1PM
12/2/12 Indianapolis at Detroit 1PM
12/2/12 Jacksonville at Buffalo 1PM
12/2/12 New England at Miami 1PM
12/2/12 Houston at Tennessee 1PM
12/2/12 Tampa Bay at Denver 4:05PM
12/2/12 Pittsburgh at Baltimore 4:15PM
12/2/12 Cleveland at Oakland 4:15PM
12/2/12 Cincinnati at San Diego 4:15PM
12/2/12 (Sunday Night) Philadelphia at Dallas 8:20PM (NBC)
12/3/12 (Monday Night) NY Giants at Washington 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 14

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
12/6/12 (Thursday) Denver at Oakland 8:20PM (NFL Network)
12/9/12 Baltimore at Washington 1PM
12/9/12 Kansas City at Cleveland 1PM
12/9/12 San Diego at Pittsburgh 1PM
12/9/12 Tennessee at Indianapolis 1PM
12/9/12 NY Jets at Jacksonville 1PM
12/9/12 Chicago at Minnesota 1PM
12/9/12 Atlanta at Carolina 1PM
12/9/12 Philadelphia at Tampa Bay 1PM
12/9/12 St. Louis at Buffalo 1PM
12/9/12 Dallas at Cincinnati 1PM
12/9/12 Miami at San Francisco 4:05PM
12/9/12 New Orleans at NY Giants 4:15PM
12/9/12 Arizona at Seattle 4:15PM
12/9/12 (Sunday Night) Detroit at Green Bay 8:20PM (NBC)
12/10/12 (Monday Night) Houston at New England 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 15

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
12/13/12 (Thursday) Cincinnati at Philadelphia 8:20PM (NFL Network)
12/16/12 Green Bay at Chicago 1PM
12/16/12 NY Giants at Atlanta 1PM
12/16/12 Tampa Bay at New Orleans 1PM
12/16/12 Minnesota at St. Louis 1PM
12/16/12 Washington at Cleveland 1PM
12/16/12 Jacksonville at Miami 1PM
12/16/12 Denver at Baltimore 1PM
12/16/12 Indianapolis at Houston 1PM
12/16/12 Detroit at Arizona 4:05PM
12/16/12 Carolina at San Diego 4:05PM
12/16/12 Seattle at Buffalo 4:05PM
12/16/12 Pittsburgh at Dallas 4:15PM
12/16/12 Kansas City at Oakland 4:15PM
12/16/12 (Sunday Night) San Francisco at New England 8:20PM (NBC)
12/17/12 (Monday Night) NY Jets at Tennessee 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 16

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
12/22/12 (Saturday) Atlanta at Detroit 8:30PM (ESPN)
12/23/12 Tennessee at Green Bay 1PM
12/23/12 Oakland at Carolina 1PM
12/23/12 Buffalo at Miami 1PM
12/23/12 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 1PM
12/23/12 New England at Jacksonville 1PM
12/23/12 Indianapolis at Kansas City 1PM
12/23/12 New Orleans at Dallas 1PM
12/23/12 Washington at Philadelphia 1PM
12/23/12 St. Louis at Tampa Bay 1PM
12/23/12 NY Giants at Baltimore 1PM
12/23/12 Minnesota at Houston 1PM
12/23/12 Cleveland at Denver 4:05PM
12/23/12 Chicago at Arizona 4:15PM
12/23/12 San Francisco at Seattle 4:15PM
12/23/12 (Sunday Night) San Diego at NY Jets 8:20PM (NBC)

Week 17

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
12/30/12 NY Jets at Buffalo 1PM
12/30/12 Miami at New England 1PM
12/30/12 Baltimore at Cincinnati 1PM
12/30/12 Cleveland at Pittsburgh 1PM
12/30/12 Houston at Indianapolis 1PM
12/30/12 Jacksonville at Tennessee 1PM
12/30/12 Philadelphia at NY Giants 1PM
12/30/12 Dallas at Washington 1PM
12/30/12 Chicago at Detroit 1PM
12/30/12 Green Bay at Minnesota 1PM
12/30/12 Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1PM
12/30/12 Carolina at New Orleans 1PM
12/30/12 Kansas City at Denver 4:15PM
12/30/12 Oakland at San Diego 4:15PM
12/30/12 Arizona at San Francisco 4:15PM
12/30/12 St. Louis at Seattle 4:15PM

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The browns have the third hardest schedule. Fuck.

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Time for hype


DA BEARS!!!!!!

They were contenders last season until injuries to key players ruined any chances. Now with a beefier offense and full slot of healthy players... BEARS WILL TAKE THE TROPHY HOME!.

looking forward to week 6; Giants vs 49er's; have a friend that's a huge 49er's fan and now that both Mario manningham and Brandon Jacobs are on that team(both ex-Gaints)...that will be one interesting game!!!(hopefully with the G-men on top)

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heheeh with all the massive overhaul of the colts and no one really looking at them after adding quite a few free agents it wouldnt suprise me if the colts have a turn around like the texans did on defense last season. i still see the broncos making a splash though with manning there now

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SF @ GB should have been the NFC Championship matchup Looking forward to how it plays out, especially with all these (newly revived) Niners fans sitting around.

@scorptile: which free agents are you thinking of?

Thursday Night Football every week now? That sucks.

Anyway, I am hoping for a Green Bay World Champion title (haha, World Champion) for no particular reason. Also, I want to win my prediction league and I am pretty confident that I will. And no, I am of course not going to manipulate the results. Why would you think that?

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superchunk said:
DA BEARS!!!!!!

They were contenders last season until injuries to key players ruined any chances. Now with a beefier offense and full slot of healthy players... BEARS WILL TAKE THE TROPHY HOME!.


RolStoppable said:
Thursday Night Football every week now? That sucks.

Anyway, I am hoping for a Green Bay World Champion title (haha, World Champion) for no particular reason. Also, I want to win my prediction league and I am pretty confident that I will. And no, I am of course not going to manipulate the results. Why would you think that?

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