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mike_intellivision said:
Easy -- First name & first system with underscore in between.

Mike from Morgantown (I got that tag line from the area where I live)

Hmmm you could just place your tagline in your sig...but yeah. Probably wouldnt have the same effect.

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I was heavily obsessed by Princess Mononoke when I chose it.

spurgeonryan said:
Marks said:
My last name

I did not look at the name thread. Your name is John Marks then?


Tadepoles history is a crazy one. Something about Rol, and TAds12, and I do not even know what else. Where did tadepole come from?

Lol no Andrew Marks. 

forest-spirit said:
I was heavily obsessed by Princess Mononoke when I chose it.

A name of one of the Characters was Forrest- Spirit?

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ive used BHR through out my life the earliest i can remember would be for save profiles in video games in the 90s, it means all of things like better have respect and "bear" i like bears ive add the 3 to it when just bhr is taken b/c 3 is my favorite number

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It's from the Dr Dre song "Keep their heads ringing". This song is from the soundtrack of the movie "Friday"
The line goes, "I get plenty of ass they call me an ASStronaut" lol.

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TWRoO said:
Silver-Tiger said:

Simple, really.

Silver is my favourite color, and Tigers are majestic and graceful. Cats in general.

Silver + Tiger = Silver-Tiger.

Here's an impressive example:


Yes, that's a real tiger.

Awesome pic, although the tiger appears to be staring at some vegetation rather than the chunk of meat.

He just missed the chunk. here's a link with the other pictures:  http://www.big-cats.de/bilder_weisse-tiger.htm 

The cool thing is that he actually eating the chunk under water.

The third-last picture is awesome. He looks like a derp-tiger. (is this a real word?)

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Yoshi from the Super Mario franchise and Rainbow, which suggests multi-coloured compared to just the one colour for Yoshi.

I was trying to decide if I was going to get a Wii, and XBox 360 or a PS3. So I combined them, but XWiiStation and PlayWii360 didn't sound right, so....

Funny thing is I have all three now, so the name still fits.

Okay, time for the truth...

Nintendo is my favorite company. (That part was, obviously, true.) And Pie was just an add on because I couldn't think of anything, really. XD Ruiji ! was my username on other sites but I thought that would be too hard to remember and Nintendo Pie had a nice ring to it. ^_^

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