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It will be interesting to see, but if I had to place a wager I would go with GTA.

My reasoning...

Both are games that sell by the boat load and have a large fanbase, but GTA will be fresher with the last having come out what, 5 years ago? people will be hungrier for a new one. Where as CoD will only be more of a side grade from the previous entries not really bringing much new to the table.

Lets put it this way, if you were a young kid who had $60 in his hand and could only get one when he loves both, which would you get the one which you last played years ago? will probably be very different to it, or the one you had a similar game of 12 months earlier?

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Black Cops 2 will be the overall sales winner easily.

@OP: Why did you say that GTAIV failed on so many levels? Granted I thought it was a little too ambitious and tried to do too many things at once instead of just focusing on the core elements that make GTA great, but by no means was it a failure.

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looking forward to both games, gta5 more, thought BO was very good campaign wise

gta5 will win though (should be a guarantee if it releases this fall instead of next spring) even if you count BO2 on all platforms, the promble some aretn seeing in here is that gta4 was released in 08 userbases were small and game wasnt really gta, 5 should be very close to SA quality and content wise

what the hell is a COD! i can't comprehend what that could possibly be?

now GTA5 i can get behind. i'm pull'n GTA5 all the way. i think GTA5 can pull off the vic, over the other soon to be travesty.

If I had to hazard a guess, Black Ops 2 will sell more, but GTA5 will be the better game.

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COD will obviously sell more, just look at past games sales. Still though GTA5 should do rather well.