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like others i am calling the list fake. I just don't see how WoW would work with the WiiU

1- My WoW install is 29.2gb, this is after applied major file restructuring ( previously my install was ~42gb)

2- Try a holy pally healing interface i need raid frames + the ability to quickly select each of them (25) + an spare button (for fights like Ultra/Madness) + buttons for my abilities (Holy Shock, Holy Light, Divine Light, Flash of Light, Word of Glory, Holy Radiance, Light of Dawn, Divine Favor, Aura Mastery, Lay on hands, Cleanse, Beacon of Light, Judgement, Guardian of ancient Kings, Divine Shield, Divine Protection, Hand of Sacrifice, Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection, Divine Plea, Avenging Wrath) + buttons for situation abilities/buffs (Blessing of Kings, Blessing of Might, Seal of Insight, Redemption, Protection Aura, Retribution Aura, Resistance Aura, Crusader Aura, Concentration Aura, Hammer of Wrath, Crusader Strike)

That is a lot of buttons, it is doable, but you would need to have two different versions of the game running each with there own balance on their own servers in order to accomplish a playable version.

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Salnax said:
blkfish92 said:
World of Warcraft is in there? What the cluck?

Perhaps they're going to try to expand into the console market? Considering the Wii U's controller, this is probably the best chance ever to make console MMOs a thing.

I find this list awesome and believable.

awesome yes, believable, no....

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so Wii getting a ton of PS2 ports was lazy, yet Wii U getting a ton of Wii and DS ports makes for a great line-up?
am I missing something?

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gumby_trucker said:
so Wii getting a ton of PS2 ports was lazy, yet Wii U getting a ton of Wii and DS ports makes for a great line-up?
am I missing something?

Yes, you miss these are only some download-Games for the Wii U eShop, not the whole Wii U-Lineup. And if this list is true this would be the best start for such a shop ever :)

noname2200 said:
So Nintendo. Yeah, that Nintendo. It's going to launch a digital service. With the release of its console. And it'll have 18 games at launch. Including a Mario sports game and a DS port.

I B_E_L_I_E_V_E this rumor!

Some of the titles do seem incredible, but i would bet on a strong launch for the Wii U eShop, because Nintendo is going to want to avoid repeating the debacle of the 3DS eShop.

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Salnax said:
sperrico87 said:
Silver-Tiger said:
Kynes said:


No one's saying Wii U isn't suitable for an MMO, but it doesn't even have a hard drive.  I mean, come on. It's not gonna happen. Isn't WoW's install over 10gb?

Perhaps there will be multiple models, and the more expensive ones have hard drives?

Nah, bro.  This is Nintendo we're talking about.  One model, one color, and no frills.  And honestly, with all the other things in my apartment that have a hard drive, I don't really want to have to spend extra money on a console just so it contains a built-in HDD.  I'd rather be free to plug in my 320gb usb flash drive into the Wii U and be ready to go. 


wait, these are supposed to be downloadable game!?

Metrium said:

WoW on a console?! lol!

to all of you who said that the tablet will make the gameplay possible... have you all played wow? How will you be able to fit the thousands of abilities/spells on that screen + all the bags/inventory + how will you manage the targeting system + gl on all of you who will have to move the camera with a joystiq instead of a mouse in PvP, and healers I wish you luck healing your raid... how will you be able to target your heals? Put the raid/party UI on the touchscreen? If you do that where will you put the thousands of abilities you will need to use... SO MANY flaws in gameplay it would be impossible. And even IF they manage to make it work I SERIOUSLY doubt the gameplay could be as good as on PC + the fact that you probably wont be able to use mod doesn't make it worth it. I see this MAYBE slightly possible to make it work in PvE (but still wouldnt possibly work in hardcore endgame PvE) but I see no way to make the gameplay work for pvp in a way that those who play it on WiiU are not at a HUGE disadvantage against those playing it on PC unless they do WiiU only servers.

+ like some ppl before me mentioned, the game takes like 10gb or more of memory.


Edit: + lol at chatting... how the hell are you going to chat with other ppl? use the touchscreen as a keyboard? that would mean that you would have to interupt the gameplay everytime you wanna talk to someone, just hope that your squishy mage wont get ganked by a rogue or a hunter while you have your entire gameplay enterface gone because your whyspering someone. another huge disadvantage to those playing on wiiu.


Only possible option is if the WiiU allow us to connect a keyboard/mouse, drop the table controler and connect a keyboard and a mouse to the WiiU and play it like it was on PC. Only possible way for game play but still would feel awkward for me to play this on my TV with a mouse/keyboard and the lack of mods wouldnt still make it worth it and the huge size of the game file still makes it unlikely to happen.

I am not going to argue with most of your post because most of it is right.  However, how big do you think the spell icons have to be in order to click on it?  I can imagine you can fit at least 20-30 small icons on the Wii U Controller screen.  I played WoW up to LK (had a lvl 80 hunter (main), 80 warrior, and ton of alts.   You don't use over 10-20 different spells so your entire point of using a shitload of spells is a little mute.  Also, don't mages use more spells / actions than most characters.  As a Hunter I could easily get by with not even downloading a mod for my action keys or even bother making macros.  I only used about 10 different actions.

One more thing... They made a Starcraft 64 and that played semi decently (from what I heard).  No one can even say the N64 controller is even remotely close to the keyboard and mouse for RTS.  If you ask me RTS would be harder to make it "work" on home consoles than a MMO.  While it is right to focus a lot on end game abilities, I believe you are giving WoW too much credit for it's "complex" controls.  If anything Blizzard has made WoW "dumb" enough to easily port it to consoles.

Whilst there have been plenty of rumours to suggest a more serious commitment from Nintendo on the online side of things, this list is still pretty unbelievable.

I'd expect a much more modest amount of content ready for the launch period, assuming they don't pull a 3DS and wait a few months before launching the eShop, although you'd hope they've learned from that mistake...


i can't believe all these are supposed to be downloadable, it's way too much and also, could the next Mario Strikers be downloadable, makes no sense?