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New worldwide leader of overrated franchises (in gaming media):

Elder Scrolls.

I blame the death of all other once famous offline WRPG franchises.

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I would have to say CoD. It is a good seller but the content in the game is really boring. All it is is shooting... shooting... running... stab, shoot... grenade... shoot... shoot... match is over and you freak out that you got final kill. XP I have a brother who plays CoD a lot, bleh. (My opinion.)

I would have to say, this may be a surprise to people so hold on to your pants... Halo is a great game, most of them anyway. Too bad I don't like Microsoft enough to actually purchase one of their consoles.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Also anything related to WRPGs

Call of Duty, it's good but not as great as they make it look like

i wouldn't say Halo is overrated at all

This is easy:

Mass Effect
Gears of War
Call of Duty

The Halo francise is the most overrated bland game to ever hit the console market. It provides a bad name to all FPS that even showed effort at creating an original entertaining plot.

I probably have more ps3 games than you :/ 

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IMO, Grand Theft Auto is easily the most overrated. For so many years, I've tried to like this franchise. All of my attempts to do so have been unsuccessful. It has horrible shooting mechanics, no regenerating health, no checkpoints during missions, etc. Stealing cars and killing civilians got very boring very quickly. I fail to understand how GTA IV was made with a $70 million budget when every single aspect of it felt dated.

...and then there's Red Dead Redemption, which is one of my favourite games of this console generation. It's pretty much better than GTA in every way.

Halo sells well because it is of such high quality. Halo Wars is the best RTS game on consoles and the rest are all some of the best and most highly rated FPS games on any platform. You might think they are overrated, but to those of us that enjoy the games they are not.

I won't list any games where only 1 in the series pissed me off, but these ips throughout all their games have been very overrated. So I also won't include games that I've never played or only played one in the series...

Gears of War


Great eye candy, but both are just very mediocre tps and uncharted adds in mediocre platforming, that people think is amazing simply due to all the eyecandy. 


0 significant progress in the series since gold/silver. And that was how many years ago... 

Assassins Creed

Best game ever, for about 20 minutes. Then the novelty is gone. I've actually played a bit of all of them, my friend is a huge fan, and they all seem extremly repetitive to me, despite reviews and people saying only the first 1 was repetitive.

- Elder Scrolls
- Call of Duty
- Madden
- Grand Theft Auto
- Gran Turismo
- Super Smash Bros
- Little Big Planet
- Killzone
- Assassin's Creed

Elder Scrolls - Terrible combat, TOO much walking, buggy, feels like a chore to play

Mass Effect - Terrible controls and combat, boring story (the second game consisted almost entirely of rounding up squad members), awkward animations, face detail looks a helluva lot better than he rest of the game (looks weird)

Call of duty - single player is boooooooooring (so intensely linear that it feels like walking though a shooting gallery), story is substandard (personally not a fan of modern military drama), iron sights flat out suck (its essentially an auto aim button), MP gets tiring quick