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I preordered the collectors edition. Simply because, the only other CE i recall was FFXII, which was steel case.
This is by far the best collectors edition offered in the states for a FF. (though europe has a crystal one)

I've boughten some soundtracks (8,9,13). So it's actually worth it as the soundtrack's 35$ (I like the music I've heard). And it comes in a neat bundle, with an artbook, and digipack, the case is prettier, and more sensical since lightning isn't on the cover.

I don't like trophies or achievements I don't like them dinging I'm getting PS3. I'm excited, I liked 13 a lot. And I love monster catching (DQV had it :)). Plus it comes out on my birthday!

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V-r0cK said:
Nightwish224 said:

Simple thread. List what system you're picking it up for, and feel free to explain why. Do you value the acheivements, or do you prefer the trophys?

Were you tempted to pick up the collector's edition? I am picking up the Xbox 360 collector's edition from Best Buy....the story booklet was too tempting to resist. My Bestbuy will not carry the game guide the first day, which is I have to treck back to Gamestop to buy it. I do not own a PS3, so it was pretty straight forward which copy was the right choice for me.

This is NOT a thread to bash Final Fantasy XIII-2 or any of its series. Additionally, this is not a thread to bash others for their console preference.

Edit: Sorry, I tagged the wrong games :(

I too am getting it from Bestbuy for the PS3 tho.  Im assuming the story booklet is the Bestbuy preorder bonus?  I read that the booklet only comes packaged in with the regular edition.  I may/hope im wrong as im also getting the collector's edition.  But it makes sense seeing the bestbuy advertisement printed on the box art like how other games such as Assassin's Creed are doing it too.  However it makes the cover look dam ugly. As well it says "in-pack" so seems like its packaged with the game and not something they just give to every customer that purchases any copy of FFXIII-2.  I hope im wrong tho =(


As well ill try to platinum this as i did with the original =)

When I ordered the CE it had that  listed as the pre-order bonus. So unless they lie, you'll get it!

ishiki said"

When I ordered the CE it had that  listed as the pre-order bonus. So unless they lie, you'll get it!

That's what confused me as well and i also read this thread too...

I hope we get it tho =(

I'll let other people be the guinea pigs, then I'll decide.




Per ordered the PS3 Collection Edition from GameStop. Going to the midnight launch to pick up my copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in a couple of hours.

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Pre-ordered the collector's edition for the PS3 at Futureshop. It comes with a VERY SEXY steelbook case! :D

pre ordered from amazon cause of the 10$ credit and omega code.

First thing after school! =D


I will pick up my preorder copy (PS3) at Target tomorrow and my collectors edition strategy guide is on its way to my house.

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Well, I don't think I'll be breaking any OP rules if I simply say I will not be getting this game.

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