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Nintendo has World in handful

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Wait till they get their Starcraft DS (homebrew) over there. There's be another DS shortage...

BKK said:
Seriously, try finding a game store in any major city in China which don't stock any of the current gen consoles, even though none have been officially released there yet. Same is true in South East Asia. You don't even need to get them "chipped", as the stores have already done it. Granted, demand will go up once it's officially released, as it will be cheaper, and be advertised, but the console market isn't mature enough yet to sell mega numbers. In ten years time it might be a different story. It's not something I've heard, I frequently travel to Shanghai, Hong Kong/Macau/Shenzhen I live in the region.

I can't find any game store in a major city in China, because I'm not there. Interesting that you can find these, then -- why would Nintendo plan an official "launch" if this is the case? I clearly don't understand the Chinese market, because I also didn't know WoW was played largely through cafes.

Any info would be appreciated!">">

That's very impressiv now they just need Starcraft DS.

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BKK said:
None of the current gen systems are going to sell for 700-800 Yuan any time soon. Especially when hardware is the only way they can turn a profit.

 Give Wii about 4 years and it'll be around $99, by then not only will Wii be able to be profitable at around 800 Yuan, but the Chinese market will be a lot more ready for the console


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wow DS is really doing great there

Are these sales represented under 'Others'?

The secret to Asia is to sell the systems at a profit and make addictive MMOs with lots of microtransations to suck them dry little by little. Then who cares if it's a pirated copy, in fact, just assume 90% are. You save a ton on producing the disk/box/etc. There's talk Maplestory will be coming to DS in Korea and who knows, maybe Wii as well.


To bad that softwares dont sell so well there ...

hunter_alien said:
To bad that softwares dont sell so well there ...

 does it matter that much if you get a profit on the hardware?

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