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I'll put them all in the OP to keep track, and come 2013 we can look back on them. They can be anything to do with sales, don't just have to predict HW sales, if at all.

Deadline is Jan 14th or 100 Spots filled, whatever comes first.

If you edit between now and Jan 14th, please do so in a new post so I can see it, otherwise I might miss it.


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I think wii will be down by quite an amount ( 9million in 2012). Xbox 360 sales will rise a little bit with the pricecut coming (14.5 million). And ps3 sales will be down by a small amount (14 million). So I think x360 will be first next year and not an almost tie like this year.

Wii: 8 million
360: 13 million with pricecut
PS3: 15-16 million with 50 euros/dollar pricecut

PS3 will sit around 75-76 million in january 2013.


Im not sure about the 3DS and Vita but:


3DS: 20-25 million

Vita  14-15 million?

Thanks guys.

Remember they don't just have to be HW sales related.

Aiming for at least 50 users to take part, 100 would be nice, make the thread worthwhile to look back on.


Tough one....

I shall return with more.. but for now.

Vita 9.5m (assuming no panic price cut)

I'm not really here!

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PS3: 14.6 million, xbox 360: 15.8 million, wii: 7.3 million, vita: 8.8 million, 3ds: 20.6 million

Halo 4 1st week sales worldwide: 3.9 million, gta V: 9 million 1st week worldwide (across all platforms)

PS3: 15,5 million
X360: 14.5 million
Wii will fall badly: 8 million
3DS: 19 million
Sorry Vita, but: 12 million

updated: 14.01.2012

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Just HW for now, can't really think of anything else:

Wii - 8 million
Wii U - 2 million - based on a late 2012 release
PS3 - 14.5 million - expecting either a small price cut or none at all
360 - 14.5 million - expecting a proper price cut
PS2 - 2 million
DS - 4 million
3DS - 20.5 million
Vita - 9 million
PSP - 4 million

If you edit between now and Jan 14th, please do so in a new post so I can see it, otherwise I might miss it.


Here are my predictions:

Wii: 9 million (although I think the holidays will be huge once more with great $99 bundles)

X360: 15,5 million (the Wii peaked in 2008 when it was available in its 3rd holiday season; I think the same will happen with Kinect)

PS3: 14 million (I don´t know why, I just see it slightly under the 360)

3DS: 20 million

Vita: 9 million ( I don´t think Sony are willing to cut the price, so it should have a rough 1st year)

WiiU: hard to say right now. Baring in mind that it will probably launch between Sep-Nov at a (too) high price point, anything from 1,5-4 million seems possible for me. I´ll let Seece decide if this counts as a preditcion :D


Overall, I think 2012 is very hard to predict. Even if WiiU delivers the "full package", it might still have low numbers at a high retail price. Vita is hard to predict because as far as we know, Sony cannot afford to cut price but they still might. And trhe current HD consoles might have yet another peak year or start decling. Wii should continue to decline rather heavily, but no one knows what a RRP of 99$/€ could do on Black Friday. In other words, my predictions may be off I don´t want to look back in in 10 months.

Maybe I´ll add some SW numbers or pricecut predictions at some point.