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Ebenezer Scrooge was one of the biggest Villains of the 1800's! Jack the Ripper may have been a cold blooded killer, William M. Tweed maybe have been one of the most corrupt politicians, and Captain Nemo may have been one of the most evilest of Scientist, but Mr. Scrooge topped them all. After countless nightmares over the years, multiple books, movies, theater productions, etc. he has earned the right to the top spot. Why? He destroyed Love, ruined lives, allowed pain and misery to happen all around him, and cared little for the things he did. Also, who could honestly forgive someone who in a way killed Tiny Tim? But this is not why we are all here. We are here to show that even with all the evil that he brought to the world (had it not been for three malevolent spirits) over his business practices, he actually was an idiot! By today's standards he would have failed, but back then he was King of his domain!

Employee Happiness
Anyone can tell you that a happy employee is a motivated one. Employees who get bonuses, incentives, positive feedback, safe and happy working environment, time off, etc. are more likely to work harder and stay longer. Unemployment probably was not a big thing in 1800's England, so that would not be something to worry about. But paperwork and keeping of records is a big thing to worry about in Scrooges business. When Bob Cratchet was too tired from working, too worried about his family situation, and too cold to concentrate how was he supposed to do a good job? All Scrooge had to do was help with all that and he could have watched his profits grow as Cratchet would be more willing to work as much as possible. How many thousands/millions of dollars did Scrooge lose over his career because of this?
What is there to know? Consumers like businesses that have a good image. One of the biggest reasons so many companies in today's world go environmental. Show the world that you do not care about them or others in need, they usually do not take too kindly to that. All Scrooge had to do was give some cash or even food to the poor and his image would be fine. How did he compensate for all of this? Did he offer instant credit, with high interest rates? When the poor old Sot could not make a payment because of the high rent and or interest rates, he would slam them as soon as possible? Was he the one who went after people and put them in Debtors jail?All that goes to show me is that he was a crook on top of everything else if that is the case. Worse than pay day loan shops and high interest credit cards!
Environmental Concerns                        
Coal was a normal way to fuel fires back then so I cannot say anything about it. It made cities black, made dangerous pits all over the country side, and ate through the human lung. Was this really something that was totally surprising back then? How about some health care for your workers and your workers families! Did he not know all the paperwork and problems there are in highering new workers? What if Cratchet died while working from some sort of lung ailment? He would have to pay a messenger to send word to his family, have some one come for the body, waste more time and money finding a new employee.
Was he crazy? Did the mercury in his top hat cause him to be this way? Was he the Mad Hatter of the Dickens world? Speaking of Mercury, Mercury poisoning is a very dangerous thing. In fact, Pregnant women in today's world are not supposed to eat more than one can of tuna a day because of the high mercury content. Plus he was not one to look trashy, so when that hat wore out he probably just tossed it in the trash, so that it could sit and leech into the local drinking water over time. Remember he does not donate, so that is the only obvious solution.

Cost Cutting                                     
Cost cutting usually happens in a time of economically slow times. This was right smack dab in the middle to end of the British Industrial revolution! The economy was doing fine at this time. Why was he cost cutting? He should have been doing more advertising, and spending some to get his business to a larger audience. Why just settle for the residence of his area? Turf wars can some times be a good thing. If Japan never took the chance in the American Auto industry we may all be driving a Ford Focus or Dodge Neon! Mild risk can be a good thing Ebenezer, why didn't you know this?

Luckily for him, even though he blew his college business professor off, he had three spirits to teach him the true meaning of business. Who would have known that "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens was actually an Ethical Business Practice book, instead of a Holiday frivolity that it was. But that is why we have the story that we have today. The Spirits saved his dying business, and in the end his dying soul, and the picture below sums up the cheerfulness that this man lived with the rest of his life. More money in the pocket will do that to a man!

                                                                              Happy Holidays to All!



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another great read but a little rocky.

another great read but a little rocky.

You think he was a good business man in his time period? Fear was all someone needed back them to be profitable?

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spurgeonryan said:
another great read but a little rocky.

You think he was a good business man in his time period? Fear was all someone needed back them to be profitable?

well he never made a loss, but as a person he was pure shit.