Forums - PC Discussion - Steam Sale! Last day all the biggest sellers back on sale + chance to win EVERY GAME ON STEAM!!!!

I'll get Metro this time.

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last 20 minutes for the current deals if anyone was holding out.

I gifted Portal 2 to a friend.

updated op with day 2

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I got Singularity from the first day. Today my wallet is safe.

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superchunk said:
Silver-Tiger said:
So the winner gets all games availble on Steam at the moment, or all future games, too?

All before 2012 I would assume. I just got a 50% off coupon from their games and it is only good AFTER jan2012, so I would guess they are making the new year the limiting difference.

However, giving one individual all games free forever on a digital download system, isn't a huge loss for them, especially considering they probably only have to pay the publishers when a game is actually downloaded the first time.

Obviously, assuming an average price of $30 per game, all games together are worth what, 10000 bucks? Hell, some radio stations give away bigger prices.

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Awesome deals and lol @ the picture! xD


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I might pick some games up.


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Competition sounds stupid. The prize is good though :D

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i wish i would win every game on steam.... that is a LOT of games