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How Far Are You?

I am in the Intro 31 15.42%
I just beat the 1st dungeon 27 13.43%
I am like in the middle 26 12.94%
I am not that far from being finished 22 10.95%
I am done 50 24.88%
I have no idea how far I am 23 11.44%
Neutral 22 10.95%

I'm heading to the third temple and so far I like it.

Much better than Twilight Princess, imho.

Please excuse my bad English.

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Delivery date changed : Item was received by Canada Post after cut-off time.

Sounds like they decided they got enough shipment and left the rest for tomorrow.

I opened the box. Had no way of playing it where I have been so I read the user. Manual. Now its in my trunk of my car. Can't wait though!

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I couldn't resist anymore and picked up a copy today although I want to finish Skyrim first.

There must be something wrong with my copy though. No day 1 patch? No install? No 10 logos before the start screen? No online pass code? No DLC code? I can start the game 5 seconds after selecting it? What foul magic is this.

Damn! Forgot how to set up a wii controller! Figured it out. Used the bathroom andhad elda try to kill me by throwing me off a cliff. Seems like the developers liked avatar a lot! Happy I added the cheats on a few sites so I just happened to know where to go. Maybe I can catch up with you all after all!

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Found a hidden ledge, then jumped off that ledge. Had a knight save me.

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Lol! So that is what it feels like to be bullied. Poor ryan.... I mean poor link. I do not play many games so I am not desentisized with games. Meaning this game is great! Anyone notice that he climbes ladders like a robot would? Swims fast I water, which is nice. That water fall is strong! Pulled me right off. Just got the sword. Found the bird but those spikes wee in the way.

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Faxanadu said:
killeryoshis said:
miz1q2w3e said:
What's "Neutral"?

I still haven't played it

For those who don't have the game yet


Also for those who finished the 2nd dungeon is it better then the normal fire dungeons we usually get and does it have a item we can use to destroy the enemies?


Is the game really that long? If you had to play all weekend and only be in the middle

The fire dungeon is actually quite nice imo.

Also, the item you get is definitely one you will use quite often, as it is a very standard zelda item.

Hmm I'm already know what I will get then. Also I believe that the slingshot is worthless and we should've just got the arrows instead -_-

spurgeonryan said:
Lol! So that is what it feels like to be bullied. Poor ryan.... I mean poor link.


Really now? I'm pretty sure Link just doesn't want to destroy him and his reputation so he let's it go

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I am right at the start of the second dungeon and I will continue to play tomorrow. I really like this game so far, but I'm not sure yet if it's a contender for best Zelda ever (which would automatically put it in a high rank for best game ever) or if it's "just" a great game.

I really liked the intro actually, it seems they are really building a nice story here. I also liked what I have seen of the story until now.
I also think the stamina gauge is an interesting addition that changes gameplay a little, but I think it can also be a bit tedious sometimes.
I'm not sure what to think of the overworld, but the thing that I dislike most about it is actually that it reminds me of the DS games which I didn't like too much, but in this game it is implemented great so far.
The motion controls are great, but I'm not that good at it yet and had a lot of trouble with the first boss, so sometimes I'd wish they were different, but I think that is just me not having them mastered yet.
I really disliked the fetch quests with the aura search, I think it is a bit weak to have so many fetch quests and if you have them, you could make them less tedious by actually showing on the map where the items are or if that would be too easy, don't give any aid but make clear in which area you have to search, because the aura search ability doesn't really help but lead me in wrong places sometimes.

All in all, I think the game is still very much the Zelda we know, which is a good thing for me because I loved all of the games (except the DS ones). Still, it adds a fair bit of new additions to the old mix by making the story more important, bringing about motion controls and changing up small things like the introduction of a stamina gauge. But on the downside, the game feels a bit tedious at times as well. I mentioned some examples like the fetch quests, and there are other things like loosing the shield completely if you take too much damage that don't really add fun, but are just annoying. Maybe I feel so strongly about that is because I just finished Xenoblade before I started this game, and Xenoblade was great at eliminating tedious elements. To make an example, if I was in the middle of a dungeon in Xenoblade but noticed that I should do something else now I could just go to the menu, select that place and go there, and after I did that, I could warp back. In Skyward Sword, if I loose my shield in a dungeon for example, I have to find a bird statue, select leave the dungeon, find another bird statue, select go above the clouds, fly to skyloft with my bird, repair the shield, take my bird again, fly to the hole in the clouds and select the place where I want to go. This just sucks and the game would be so much more fluent if this would have been solved differently. Sadly, there are quite a few such elements that just feel tedious. Now don't get me wrong, I still like the game very much, I just think an elimination of those tedious elements would bring it close to perfection. I'm looking forward to see how the game develops though, and I'll keep you posted how my impressions will change.

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I stopped playing till tomorrow, but I was looking for the first creature that my guide said was hooked to Zelda, and I tried floating up the wind drafts from the big hole.
Cut some trees down, and was in too much of a hurry to get to the surface so I skipped out on buying a shield or anything else. Have not really needed it yet though.

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