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How Far Are You?

I am in the Intro 31 15.42%
I just beat the 1st dungeon 27 13.43%
I am like in the middle 26 12.94%
I am not that far from being finished 22 10.95%
I am done 50 24.88%
I have no idea how far I am 23 11.44%
Neutral 22 10.95%

I've just entered the fouth dungeon. What a pity, when I saw the look of this temple I inmediately knew which one was the dungeon boss, it appeared in preliminary Skyward Sword trailers.

I am really liking the game so far. It's really challenging and I've died lots of times as opposite to other Zelda titles.

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TWRoO said:

Actually it's not immediately after it, that just gets the additional 4 dowsing slots, then you have to do something specific to find the 4 new targets (I just researched how to get the top left one as I hadn't unlocked it)

Oh, yes. I was thinking in the aditional slots.

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A little more irritated in the run into the Lanayru Mines. One of the segments required a good deal of finesse for something this early in the game

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I am currently doing the stuff that needs to be done after the third dungeon. I still like this game a lot, but there are so many things in this game that could have been better that I'm also a bit disappointed.

Thinking about the 3D Zeldas, I think what makes OoT really the best game to date is that it is just straightforward, plain Zelda gameplay with no add-ons that just don't feel as good as the real game. I mean, TWW was a great game (although a bit easy) but that huge fetch quest at the end really shouldn't have been there and the stealth sections were debatable as well. TP had those Wolf-Link sections that were a bit strange, and the worst thing was that you had to to fetch quests during those sections.

I really didn't like looking for those Tears of Farore in the forest in SS. It felt like a combination of the fetch quests in TP and the main dungeons in the DS Zeldas, which were both sections many gamers seemed to agree that they didn't really add fun to those games. So for the moment, I have to say that SS sometimes really feels like a step forward for the franchise, but more often than that it feels like yet another Zelda that took the main ingredients of OoT and added some things that are generally less enjoyable than the older parts. But as I said, it still remains a great game.

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Don't take this personally, but I would beg to differ with regards to that assessment. I have noticed a significant amount of criticism levied towards Skyward Sword on that particular basis, and I think that it is a mistake.

Granted, most games, including Zelda, are built around a simple, solid foundation. I personally think the fundamental game play of Skyward Sword is exceptionally strong. The combat, movement and item mechanics are all well integrated, and make for a rich, yet intuitive, experience.

However, Zelda was never a simple game. It as an epic adventure, and it has always strived to provide a wealth of experiences. Thus, Skyward Sword contains a number of sub-games which utilize different concepts and mechanics; the aerial sequences, the Imprisoned, and the Silent Realm all being among them.

With regards to the latter, it is certainly meant to provide a new, different kind of experience, but it also highlights the potential use of mechanics from the main title. Thus, while the Silent Realm introduces to a novel, sneak-based style of play, the game also places new focus on 'normal' mechanics such as dashing and the use of beacons.

The complete utility of these simple, often bygone mechanics could only be illustrated in this context. Similarly, the landforms of the area take on a new significance in light of the altered scenario. That's good, efficient design.

However, the Silent Realm's primary merit stems from the fact that it provides a contrast to the regular play of the game. To lose something, and then regain it, is a powerful experience. Perhaps it is less 'fun' - I don't personally think so, though it certainly is less sympathetic to the player - but doesn't it make one appreciate the main game more? That was my experience, at any rate.

Now, this not a novel concept. As I mentioned, it is typical of Zelda. Ocarina of Time featured sneaking sections and horse riding. Subsequent games have merely expanded upon these ideas, making them yet more distinct from the main game. They are, in my mind, natural consequents of the paradigmatic trends established throughout the series history.

So, while I did not particularly care for a number of the mini games (harp-playing and cart-riding...), I don't consider their existence itself to be a principal issue. Rather, I think they are very much in keeping with the spirit of the series, only now more developed than ever.

In addition, I don't think such blemishes take away from the excellence of the game in general. It is easily one of my favorite games of all time, none of which is particularly perfect. What I look for is subjective appreciation, the source of which is something different altogether.

As for being Ocarina of Time again, I think the extent of how far the developers strayed from that particular template is very impressive, and bodes well for the future. The game, I feel, carries the series spiritual legacy, as I have said, but it also knows when to forego and alter that legacy to the betterment of all.

That's just me, though.

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Brief note to anyone complaining-

The period up to the 3rd dungeon doesn't represent the quality of the game very well. The run from the 3rd dungeon to the 6th dungeon (and perhaps beyond!) is my favourite stretch in any Zelda game, period. Heck, maybe even any game...


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beat the 4th Dungeon, wrapping up my side quest, picked up my 3rd bottle (I beat the first 3 dungeons with one bottle.... I missed the one in the sealed temple chest. I did not get it until you go back after 3rd D.

Prepping for 5th dungeon, got the desert song. As for difficulty, I have not died alot, but have been living on the edge alot, I beat the second boss with no potions and had 2 hearts left when I finished him, then when I walked all the way up the ramp (past the bombs) I saw there were about 8 heart flowers..... lol. Beat 4th boss with 1 heart left, but I did have a fairy in a bottle I did not use, but still that is cutten it close.

4th Dungeon was fun, at first I was totally lost, but I just kept running around and before I know it I have the dungeon item and then it started to make sense.

Gonna go for a run, and then get some beer and then move on to number 5.

Definity the best since OoT, not putting it over OoT.... yet. But it has completely pulled me away from MW3 (PS3) for at least now.

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I'm at the 7th dungeon now. I got all the Goddess Cubes and chests as well as have 20 hearts now (so I beat/got good scores in all those minigames that give heart pieces too). Also bought all of Beedle's stuff, finished the Gratitude Crystal sidequest (which means I did all the other sidequests too), and got the shield from the boss rush. 63-64 hours in so far.

Gonna upgrade a few stuff and finish up the boss rush before I reach the end.

Well, just beat it at around 69 hours. Did all the remaining stuff. Final boss was really short, didn't really have that "final boss" feeling. The battle before him was better but it was still cool.

Very good game overall. 2nd best Zelda I guess? Wind Waker is still king.

Finally got to play it 2 nights ago and guess what, I'm stuck in the first dungeon. . . -_-'
Maybe I need a rest, 'cause I didn't get enough sleep since coming from my vacation.

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