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Will online play be charged on ps4?

Yes 108 47.79%
No 98 43.36%
I don't bother 20 8.85%

So will online play be charged on ps4?


- It gives sony more revenue ( wich they need in their current financial status)

- It makes them more competing in the online branch

- Making a good network will be too expensive without any charges



- They' ll maybe lose some fans

- There already is a console with charged online play (xbox360)

- The free online play is one of the big reasons people buy a ps3

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would be the last time I own a Sony console just like how I abandoned 360 a few years in, then just stick to Nintendo, Mobile Market, and PC.

I can see it happening, it's clearly working for Microsoft and Sony can see that. Although I kind of like the current model of basic free account that can play online and paid PSN+ member that gets discounts and frills. One of the reasons I stuck with PS3 was because of free online.

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charging does not make them more competitive. i'm done with online play anyway.

No, they will not charge for basic online play

Having said that, they will continue offering more value to the plus members.

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I don't know. Financially it would be a very smart move. They would probably lose some loyalty with fans though. Can't say I would pay for it either. I prefer the bonus deal with PS plus rather than kissing the companies ass for a service that should be free.

Yeah I have to think they will. They missed out on tons of money (hundreds of millions easily) by not charging this gen, so I bet they will next gen.

I hope not. I already pay for another online service.

I certainly think they will. They can use every line of revenue they can get, and with it working on the xbox they know consumers will pay.

I hope they do just to spite Sony fans. I know companies need to make a profit but paying to play online is pretty much where I draw the line. Sure, I paid a monthly fee for PSO on GC and for WoW on PC. However, I will not pay to play online ever again. I'm done with MMO because of this reason (or at least pay to play MMO). I have never been jealous of anything Microsoft Live has so I see no need to pay for basic online gaming. This is why I think companies such as Microsoft really don't give a damn about gamers.