Vita case so awesome, Sony made a video on it for almost 8 mins

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That case is cute and all, but I just don't see it being very practical. I don't want to hold a handheld device with a flappy case dangling below it like that. Regardless, I am waiting until we get a custom design ps vita before I pick mine up ... learned my lesson from 3ds launch to just wait on this stuff (at least when it comes to hand helds).

It is a nice case, but I do not see what is so great about it, other than they are just trying to show everyone what they are getting when it finally comes out. Next month right?

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Sony should quit electronics, clearly they have a talent for superior case design.




You guys are tough to please.
They are so proud of the case that they even give you nearly 8 mins of presentation.

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No thanks, I'm more of a hard case clam shell kind of a guy.

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It is a pretty sexy case.

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Jesus fucking Christ Nintendo that damn wii-u couldn't come any sooner???