SSBB vs GTA4(360&PS3)

This is in terms of sales not which one you think is a better game.


My Real Redneck friends

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My Real Redneck friends

SSBB all the way, even GTA4 combined sales won't beat it.

I'm thinking GTAIV, but only because it's on two platforms.


So had it because like a weekly thing for this thread to be made? 

SSBB>Either platform GTAIV
GTAIV both platforms>SSBB

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GTAIV, I prefer beating on seniors, running people over, and slaughtering the police/SWAT/Special Forces over beating the crap out of Nintendo and friends' videogame stars. But only by a small margin.

I'm giving the very slight edge to GTA, at least for the first year or two. GTA games have good legs, but, for comparison, Melee kept on selling from the GC launch right up until very recently (and it still sells at a decent clip, considering it's on a dead console, is 5 years old, and its' sequel comes out next month)

Tifa, its about sales not preferences.

I am going to cop out: