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Super Mario 64 was actually one of the last N64 games I ever bought. I played it on other peoples consoles, but just never cared to own it myself. I think it is a great game, but I was just too busy with Pilot Wings, goldeneye, and star wars shadow of the empire to pick it up.

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#5: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
Release Date: November 12th, 2007
Last Year: #5

Almost a year after the Wii launced, Super Mario Galaxy would come out and show us all that Mario still had so much to offer the world of video games. His adventures throughout the years have been legendary, but Super Mario Galaxy had so many exciting ideas to show us in his 3D playground of outer space. Each Galaxy is some new idea implemented in 3D space, and more importantly, these ideas are incredibly fun to play. Whether it's using gravity to pull Mario to different spaces, or using the different suits to change the rules of the worlds around him, this game executes what it sets out to do perfectly. You're never doing the same thing for long, and by the time you've collected the 120th star, you're ready to do everything again. Fortunately, Luigi's ready to play, and his altered physics make everything feel just as fresh as it was when you first played the game. Getting all 242 stars was a joy (even Luigi's Purple Coins...), and the game is testament that this hobby of ours has so many ideas that can be implemented... and how much fun we can have.

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#4: Super Mario World (Super NES/GameBoy Advance/Wii)
Release Date: August 13, 1991
Last Year: #4

Super Mario World was the first game that made me jealous of a console I didn't own. In fact, my neighbor had a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and I would make it a point to go over that as much as I could, just to get a look at Super Mario World. The colors, the sounds, the vastness of the game... everything came together to create this world that was larger than life... and I wanted to be a part of it. I even remember taking the controller for myself and beating my first level (the one in the Forest of Illusion where you're riding that moving platform through the entire level). I finally got to own the game for myself when it released on the GameBoy Advance, and it was like walking into a time machine. Everything was still there: the wonderful sounds, the colorful sights, the pitch perfect controls... I had fallen in love with Super Mario World again. Everything was right with the world.

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04: Final Fantasy Tactics WOTL PSP

When I first played this game on the PSOne, loved it but thought the story was woeful. SquareEnix decided to take another whack at it and came up with WOTL. In my opinion: the best SRPG I've ever played. It mixes the Final Fantasy staples I'm familiar with and love dearly with some truely amazing gameplay. That's not mentioning the excellent upgraded visuals and the rewrite of the script to create a truly amazing experience.


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To those of you who are on this thread... it really didn't concern you... but hey, you now have the choice to give in and post your complete list in the Official Thread if you really want to...

Me? I'll keep posting a game a day. More fun that way.

I want to vote!


So help me God if Chrono Cross is not on the list. Otherwise a certain red echinda is going to die!

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Thanks Smeags for the message I almost forgot about this list. Anyways for the last night of Chanukah I give this giant wall of text.

#31. Sonic Colors (wii) - I never thought that I would ever play a good Sonic game since everything sonic related that came out after SA2B was not that great. Then as the Sonic revival was happening after unleashed, they announced what I thought was a stupid game title "Sonic Colors." It came out and I held out for the longest time on getting it, but after hearing good things about it and then seeing it for $18 on amazon, I got my hands on the game and man was I blown away. This game shows how awsome a 3D Sonic game can be and made me a rebeliever of the blue hedgehog again. Now I need to buy generations. :)

#30. Meteos (ds) - This game was the better puzzle game that Q! released, not Lumines, Meteos! This game was the best puzzle game I have played since I first played Tetris and man this game showed how awesome games can be on the DS.

#29. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess(wii) - This game took to long to come out but IMO the wait for Zelda games is always worth it and this game was no exception.

#28. NBA Jam Tournament Edition (arcade) - I really like this game.

#27 Rune Factory Frontier (wii) - This is the first of 2 games that this site has influenced me to buy and has made its way onto this list. I don't even think I have played a Harvest Moon game since friends of mineral town on GBA but man did this game really shake up the formula in such an awesome way. I can't believe how it took this long to mesh these two RPG formulas together and how amazing they turn out. This game needs to be played by more people and I should probably buy the sequel, but I still need to find out what the heck that red minotaur is.

#26. Super Mario World (snes) - Who the hell doesn't like this game. It's what made you hack your PSP's for.

#25. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (arcade) - Even though his attack range sucked, I always would choose Michelangelo.

#24. Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - I think this game is rated where it should be but I think I'm a little more biased towards it since I was born on Disney (I've seen every movie, I live an hour to Disneyland.) This game made me buy a PS2 and to tell you the truth I'm glad it did. This game has most of the iconic characters in Disney, has an amazingly fun action RPG system, and has an emotional story that makes me cry every time I beat it. I don't think that I can wait much longer till KH3, but I should probably play the DS games first now that I think of it.

#23. pokemon gold (GBC) - Because Silver is for suckers (I had both, but I had Gold in Japanese also :) thanks to straight A's in 4th grade.)

#22. The Simpsons (arcade) - I think out of all the arcade games that I have played, this one has sucked the most quarters out of me. I think that almost every resturant, bowling alley, and movie theater I went to had this game, and man did I always love playing this game. Playing with others added comined attacks and made this game so much fun. The only gripe I have with this game is that Marge attacked with a vacuum cleaner. Seriously, WTH??!!?

#21. Pikmin (gamecube) - Before I even bought my gamecube, I bought Pikmin and man is this game amazing. A small scale console RTS that is so much fun that it just begs to be played multiple times just to get off that planet 1 day earlier. I think this game showed a brighter and promising future for the Gamecube that never really came, but atleast we got a sequal that is amazing.

#20. Guitar Hero 2 (PS2) - I still play this game and I still have fun rocking out to TROGDOR. That song alone makes this game worthy of this spot.

#19. Dick Tracy (GB) - This is probably the most nostalgic game you will see on my list. Why I have it so high is because it is an amazing action game that coincided with when I got the comic books and saw the movie. Is this game exactly like the movie, not really, but it just used the story as a means to fighting all the bad guys and man this game did what any liseced game should do. Be fun, memorable, and and stick to the characters just enough so that the experience is enjoyable and makes sense. Man this game did it all right.

#18. Paper Mario (N64) - I went 2 years without buying a game for my N64 and when I finally got this game, man did I love it.

#17. Donkey Kong Country Returns (wii) - Retro did it again in reviving a dead Nintendo franchise and making it amazing. Oh Retro, how I am glad Nintendo knows what to do with you.

#16. Diddy Kong Racing (N64) - Rareware made this game so awesome that they had to include Banjo and Conqur in it.

#15. Super Mario Galaxy (wii) - This game is pure joy and its sequel is even better.

#14. Psychonauts (PS2) - Back in the day when the only funny game that I had ever played was Banjo-Kazooie, humor was a scarcity in the games I played. Then I saw Psychonauts at a Gamestop for $10. I got it and the rest was history. IAM THE MILK MAN. MY MILK IS DELICIOUS!

#13. animaniacs pc game pack (PC) - I'm still amazed at how this game compeatly parodied videogames all together while being a great compilation of the games they were mocking. It had great humor, an amazing adveture game, and all around was just fun. I love this game.

#12. No More Heroes (wii) - I always wanted to play Killer 7 ever since I read the Nintendo Power article on it, but only being 14 when it came out and my mom and the store clerk being competent about the ESRB rating system, I had no dice. Then I saw the first trailer for NMH on the internet and man was I captured by its uniqueness. This game even came out a couple weeks early to my surprise and even greater surprise that my friends bought it for me for my birthday. I love this game. Its sense of style, the writing, the assassins, the side jobs, riding the speltiger. This game made swinging a wiimote awesome and made cool something that I would normally see strange.

#11. Pikmin 2 (gamecube) - This game is one of the perfect sequals that have been made that I have played. It made what the original was 50 times better. I loved the single player, the new pikmin are fun, and the multiplayer was amazing with me and my cousins going hours upon hours playing it. I am definately buying the Wii U just to play Pikmin 3.

#10. Banjo-Kazooie (N64) - Never really got into SM64 when it was released, but man did I play the hell out of this game. So funny, so much fun, loved turning into the washing machine.

#9. Super Smash Bros. Melee (gamecube) - If you bought a Gamecube, you had this game, and I played it till the very end.

#8. ToeJam & Earl (genesis/wii) - Co-op in its purest form. Man the good times I had playing this game with my cousin. Good times.

#7. Resident Evil 4 (gamecube) - I really thought that I would be completely lost when I played this game since I haven't even played 0-3 9and still haven't, but man is this game awesome. Everything that was in this game stood out for me and man when the scary moments came, they scared the crap out of me. This game is an amazing gem.

#6. The legend of Zelda: A link to the past (SNES/GBA) - I got a SNES the same Chanukah that I got a N64 so we just kept the SNES at my grandparents house when we would visit. This game came with it and holy crap, did it change my life. I barely remember how I liked mediocre games that I played before I played this. It made into the Nintendo fan that I am today and holy crap does this game stand the test of time with colors.


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#5 - BioShock (PS3/360/PC)

Another game that was simply a breath of fresh air. It's full of amazing concepts. I really love all of the political allusions, and the way politics isn't handled in a ham-fisted way (like it would be in pretty much any other game). Andrew Ryan isn't just your stereotypical bad guy either, you can sympathise with a lot of his ideals and rhetoric. Superb atmosphere (possibly my favourite in any game to-date), great story and characters. This was the game that made me buy a 360 and it alone was more than worth purchasing a console for.

My top five games are all outstanding examples of the medium, and I couldn't possibly decide which of them I value the most. So I pretty much used "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo" to put them in order.

#5) Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii

I'm completely fine with everyone playing the game the way they want to, but it's just tiring when I have to deal with all that Melee-worshipping tourneyfag bullshit every time I mention Brawl on a message board. (or at least on the two other ones I frequented)

Brawl was not meant to be a competitive fighter. If you want to try and turn it into one, that's fine, but don't pan the game because it is not something it was never meant to be. Nay, it was meant to be the most fun you can have with three other people on a couch, and that's exactly what it is.

4. Final Fantasy X (PS2)

There probably isn't any other PS2 game that I've played as long as this. It has an amazing story, incredible gameplay and for its' time it had beautiful graphics. I'm definitely hyped for the remake on PS3/Vita.

Btw, this is the second JRPG in my Top5. There is still one left and many people won't understand my last choice at all.

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