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Click here to see all new screens and gameplay video

You'll find too some MPO screens : Click here to download

- The game has 80,000+ randomly generated items (think Diablo style, prefixes and suffixes)
- 227 enemy types (I wouldn't assume they all have unique models)
- 24 environment types/graphic sets
- Theoretically an infinite number of randomly-generated maps
- D-pad and touch screen for using various items like potions, face buttons for special moves
- Does not support the circle pad add-on, wasn't made with it in mind
- Players can jump into a game in progress any time, either locally or online
- Automatic level scaling on damage and XP so lower level players can play with high level friends
- Any player can pause their game at any time in multi, monsters will simply ignore that player and the difficulty scales briefly
- Voice chat
- No PVP yet, possibly in future sequels
- Puzzle elements, such as a Lights Out style game to shut down a force field
- You can see the gear you equip on your character, lots of character customization
- Three skill trees per class
- You can save at any time in single or multi without losing any XP or items
- Enemies turn red for brief periods of time, which means they won't take damage and you'll be open to counterattacks
- StreetPass and SpotPass item trading/selling, and downloadable challenges every day for at least one year
- The game tracks which friends you play with, and you earn special benefits and perks for playing with the same group a lot
- Several previewers compared the multiplayer feeling to Secret of Mana

Release date still only set for "early 2012," they've stated that they are aiming for release by the end of March.

It looks great ^_^

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Ah, just watched the gameplay video, looks VERY nice. With lots of very nice features. Adding this to my anticipated games.

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looks nice but just not what i would want too play

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(