First PSV Bundle: Wifi model + 4GB Memory Card + Case + Game = $299

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what the fuck is this?
No , the PSvita is doooooommmmzeed , Sony cannot have a memory stick with it, no sir that would cost over 9000!

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im in the UK and wil be picking up the Wi-fi only Vita on day 1 with a memory card and uncharted & Wipeout.. maybe LD too

The PSV is a awesome hand held gaming machine, One that gamers have been wanting since the first PSP came out (Nothing wrong with the PSP). If my phone wasnt broke i might consider getting one, But as of now i need a new phone. :/

But with teh steep price of $300, I can only feel that its a little bit too much, then again gamers will pay any price for a good system.

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Claymore said:
I won't be getting a Vita the only version they have around the UK is £278 without a game which is $450 buy a game with it and your looking at $500 which is just to much for a handheld.

UK only has the 3G+Wifi model?

There's the bare bones model but thats still £229 or $370 without anything included, I can't see the Vita doing very well in the UK to be honest.

why not just import it. shipping and handling wouldn't cost that much