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Level1Death said:
  • As of right now do you  believe that 3D Land will surpass the Galaxy games?
  • How will the reviews stack up? Will being on a handheld have an effect?
  • How will the sales compare?
  • Check this video out. It has a lot of dislikes but the user has some valid concerns.

I doubt Mario 3D land will touch the sales of the Galaxy series, for the simple fact that the 3DS has a much smaller userbase. Over the course of several years it might inch close, but Galaxy had a much larger installed userbase when it was released, especially Galaxy 2.

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I think this game will definitely sell 10 million units, as even on low-selling platforms, Mario games have performed extraordinarily well (think Mario 64 which was selling to almost every third owner of a N64)

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It's a bit hard to predict, Galaxy did almost 10m and Galaxy 2 almost 7, Mario 64 was the only 3D Mario on a handheld and it did above 10m if I remember correctly, so this should do like 10m or somewhere close, if 3DS sales go as high as the DS it can surpass that as it's a new game and not a remake as Mario 64

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3d land was and is a success