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just as the title says!!! downloading right now! :p


EDIT: done&installing will comeback with my thoughts(if anyone cares)  tomorrow!

EDIT 2: after playing about 6-8 hours of the mp, I must say ND knocked it out of the the park, a HUGE step-up from U2, the new maps(though I don't think ND gave all the maps) are very entertaining and there's so many things to unlock. I have hardnly experienced any lag and or glitches.

my only complaint is that since the event is sponsored by Subway there are "Subway Treasures" and they really conflict with the actual treasures which you need to unlock ceratin weapons/clothes/emblems

I might get some more codes on the next couple of days, if i do i'll give them out to the VGC community

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im not american :( can someone spare me a code :[

Man, sucks that not everyone has access to that subway promotion....

If someone have extra codes for the non Americans, that would be cool.

EGG_OF_D00m said:
im not american :( can someone spare me a code :[

since you're the first to post(and ask) I'll hook you up with a code

I'll pm you the details

Damn you Sony! we want this worldwide! :_

i'd kill for a code! just point at the person and i will!

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Nice. I hope one of my Subways have those cups/codes. I don't like Subway, but yeah.

lol I went to subway, got 2 subs and a drink but no codes at all!!! :(

If anyone wants to spare an extra code, I'd greatly appreciate it :D. This offer is unfortunately not available where I live.

Edit: I offer 7-day avatar control for a code

Hmm how else could u know if it isnt available at your local subway besides going there?

How much is it worth to you guys that I go down to subway and pick up a code for you?