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It seems that the opinions on Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles vary widely. It doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, and while the reviews are generally positive, sevens and eights are not quite enthusiastic grades IMO. Personally, I love the game - it has a lot of depth and replay value, two player mode is fun, and it looks fairly good. It is also quite challenging to complete, tempting the hardcore gamer inside me. Plus that it gives someone like me who was too young at the time to play the original games a good impression of their general storyline. The negative sides: it suffers by comparison against RE4, and while that game was sometimes slightly scary, Chronicles never actually scared me. I heard that the Zapper controls suck, but I didn't have any problems playing it with a normal Wiimote. My question: what do you think of this game, and why?

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Very average.

I love it. It wasn't that scary, wasn't really meant to be in my opinion. It was a trip down nostalgia lane for my friends, not so much me, as I still haven't played Resident Evil 1 or 3...but I got this game and loved it, save for the Red Queen crap they threw in...movie tie-ins = bad.

The flashlight portions were pretty kickass, and the Wesker chapters were sweet. And man...I love the sound of the Magnum revolver reloading coming out of the Wiimote hehe.

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I love it too, great game overall and fixes a lot of problems of past on-rail shooters.

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I'm not a fan of light gun games but I am a fan of the Resident Evil series so the two kind of average out for me. Every reason I like the game relates to it being a Resident Evil game. It's cool to replay levels I played years ago in the previous games from a new perspective. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't much care for the game.

It does have one thing that is somewhat annoying, why does the screen have to wobble constantly? I haven't played many light gun games or played them much but I don't recall that in other light gun games (I could be wrong though).

Also I consider it a downpayment for getting RE5, RE5:subplot, or RE6 on the Wii.

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The development budget of the game was a little to low which becomes really apparent in the last of the four chapters of the game. Quite a lot of areas in the final levels suffer from slowdowns which causes the aiming to suffer. Some levels are too slow paced with parts in which you don't see any enemy for half a minute or more.

Other than that, there isn't much negative to say about the game, it's good for what it is, a rail shooter. Lots of different levels and unlockables, co-op mode, most of the characters playable from the main series, good fan service. I would rate the game a 7.8 for the above mentioned flaws.

For the record, I have S-ranked all levels on all difficulties, so I have played enough of the game to know what I am talking about.

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only currently on scenario 3 and haven't unlocked the fourth yet but really enjoying it - great 2 player game.

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I'm on scenario 2, and I really don't like the game. I think that it is a poor use of the lisence, but it's fun to see old locations in the game to reminisce.

Does Umbrella Chronicles use a calibration system to allow 1 to 1 targeting? i was thinking about getting this to play with my fiance.

I've heard a lot more raving about RE4 Wii edition than I have for Umbrella Chronicles, but from what I've heard, RE4 Wii is single player only? Am I understanding that right?

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RE4 Wii is singleplayer yes, but it doesn't lessen the experience any and tbh it wouldn't work as a Multiplayer.

RE:UC is a great 2 player romp though, and don't worry about 1 on 1 targetting or any calibration, it's simple use of an on screen cursor to aim with. Very accurate too.

Overall I'm loving Umbrella Chronicles, theres a hell of alot of replayability in there, and it is a nice fan service from Capcom too, there's plenty to be happy about with it.