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3DS Monster Hunter and Slide Pad Expansion in This Week's Famitsu
Posted on 09.07.2011 at 11:17, by Anoop Gantayat

This isn't exactly confirmed yet, but our usual flying get leak sources are saying that Famitsu has a first look this week at Monster Hunter 3G, a 3DS entry in the Monster Hunter series. The 3DS title has been highly rumored, so this wouldn't be too much of a surprise.

Famitsu also has details on a new first party Nintendo peripheral that expands the 3DS with a second slide pad. This attaches next to the system's face buttons.

We'll hopefully have glorious confirmation or shameful debunkment (or possibly a bit of each!) a bit.

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How? There is nowhere to connect it...

That more than anything else makes that rumor hard to swallow...

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

O_o? yeah...I don't see how that would work

Mr Khan said:
How? There is nowhere to connect it...

That more than anything else makes that rumor hard to swallow...

Could it connect through the card slot (with a through-slot built into the peripheral for the game card to slot into)?

Or ... maybe wireless connection? 

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There is also a rumor that a new revision is coming out early next year that has the 2nd numb included. I feel for the early adopters of the 3DS. Nintendo screwed up big time.

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Well from what I remember from my days of reading through EGM. When you hear a rumor over and over again, it may just come true. They would always have there rumor section, and I swear that when I would see the same rumor a month later, it usually came true. I think the 3DS is fine how it is, but maybe others do not think so?

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"This attaches next to the system's face buttons."

It sounds weird to me.

Some new info:


Apparently it doesn't look like that at all. Instead it is supposed to be some sort of cradle bay (like the charging bay), which the entire 3DS fits onto it. The guy posting the information says it is about 1cm to the left, and 2-3cm to the right. The slidepad itself is directly to the right of the face buttons, and there is a R2 shoulder button added.

Repeated post, delete please.

Okay I am a happy 3DS owner. Have been since day 1. I didn't mind the price cut but if this turns out to be true that I am seriously pissed off at Nintendo. What were they thinking? Did they have a plan A and plan B for the 3DS and the first plan failed? Why are they doing this? Just release good games.


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