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Will a new Monster Hunter title be announced at TGS?

Yes, for Vita. 19 55.88%
Yes, for 3DS. 8 23.53%
Yes, for PSP. 0 0.00%
Yes, for another system. 0 0.00%
Yes, for multiple systems. 6 17.65%
No. 1 2.94%

It seems there have been several rumors about a new Monster Hunter title being announced as we get closer to TGS. With the 3DS already out and the Vita coming soon in Japan, either system getting a new Monster Hunter early in its life could determine which system is able to gain momentum early on in the generation.

So what do you think. Will a new Monster Hunter title be announced? If so what platform do you think/hope it will be announced for?

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Both Vita and 3DS, I reckon

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I honestly have no idea how capcom thinks nowadays.There will be one but it could come to any platform.

3DS and Vita is likely. But I wonder if they will both be getting 2 different ones or the same game altogether. Another question will be whether they will gimp one version over the other.

I'm thinking maybe a MH3P vita news and a MH3D for 3ds....vita won't get a proper MH until at least a year after..but then again they might announce it at tgs

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So far everybody thinks a new game will be announced and most think for Vita. Anyone not think a new title will be announced, or why is everyone else confident that it will be announced?

If they do release one I think they will go with Vita because of the success they had on PSP, the dual analogs and 3G.

Monster Hunter 4 - PS3
Monster Hunter 4th - PSV

18 new games for PSV will be annouced at TGS, one need to be MH.

There is now way they are going to announce two different monster hunter games.A Ps3/vita crossplat one, sure, but not two different ones.