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Can anyone find THQ's, LucasArts, or Atlus' reports? I'd be interested in those if they're available!


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Also, can anyone isolate Namco's console gaming income? I can't seem to do it, but I'm a nincompoop.

I'd really, really love it if someone could find the other developer reports/help me interpret this information.  


Ouch, minus 1 billion? And Nintendo + one billion? 9 times Microsoft? That seems like it's too much... (I don't doubt your numbers, it is just too incredible.


That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

Bodhesatva said:

Sinha -- excellent post.

For everyone else, I thought this might interest people:

The combined net income of these companies:

Sony's CE Division
Microsoft's CE division
Take 2
Electronic Arts

Over this time frame is approximately -1,148,000,000, or negative one billion, one hundred and fourty eight million dollars. The highest earner is Microsoft (150 million) followed by Namco Bandai, with a total positive net income of 71.5 million dollars.

Nintendo's net income in this time frame is 1.15 billion dollars. Nintendo has earned approximately 2.3 billion dollars more than the rest of this list combined. If I've made errors in calculation, let me know.

And hardcore gamers think it's Nintendo ruining the video game industry.

Game_boy said:

That's it!

I've got it!

The solution to the third-parties' problems!






Someone get this man a job at a third party developer, he'd fit in from day one.

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Great list, thanks.

Sega seems to be in trouble tough...

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sinha said:

The predictable EA hate in the vgchartz forums leads me to believe you don't actually play the EA games you think are so lame and uncreative. NHL 08 is supposed to be really good, better than NHL 2k8. Madden 08 was decent, at least on the 360, and it's much better than All-Pro Football 2k8. Skate is better than the latest Tony Hawk, and far more innovative. FIFA 08 is considered by many to be better than PES 2008 I believe. Same with Rock Band compared to GH3. And Burnout Paradise looks quite good also. And didn't they also publish The Orange Box and Crysis?



"For 2006, the games review aggregation site Metacritic gives the average of EA games as 72.0 (out of 100); 2.5 points behind Nintendo (74.5) but ahead of the other first-party publishers Microsoft (71.6) and Sony (71.2). The closest third-party publisher is Take 2 (publishing as 2K Games and Rockstar) at 70.3. The remaining top 10 publishers (Sega, Konami, THQ, Ubisoft, Activision) all rate in the mid 60's."

And I suppose the fact that EA threatens reviewers that would rate their games lower than 8 before release date has nothing to do with that fact? Meh, I don't care about EA's own 'shitty' games, but I certainly don't appreciate their habit of buying up independent studios and fuck up their games. Maybe that's just me though.

Bodhesatva said:
Can anyone find THQ's, LucasArts, or Atlus' reports? I'd be interested in those if they're available!

THQ financial report:


Lucasfilms ( owner of LucasArts ) is a private company, so no information public avaible ....   

About Atlus I didnt' find nothing. About only Namco, well with the merger you can read only NamcoBandai Games (  gaming division of NamcoBandai Holdings )  revenue.  Net Income is refered to whole NamcoBandai Holdings.


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Thanks for putting that together celine. Quite enlightening about how unprofittable the industry currently is. Only 2/3 are making money and mostly nothing impressive, but those in the red are deeply in the red. However, Christmas sales may really adjust some of those numbers for the year end profit/loss.

It's not surprising really, the writing has been on the wall for years and yet only Nintendo seems to be willing to change the status quo. Guess that's why Nintendo is the only ones really making big money.


Wow... that's kind of out of left field for Sega, isn't it? Making more profit than Ubisoft and Square?