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Thoughts on Portal 2

GOTY baby! 17 39.53%
Blue my mind 10 23.26%
Average 5 11.63%
Good but way over-rated 2 4.65%
Annoyed .or me 0 0.00%
WGOTY baby! (no... the W ... 1 2.33%
See results 8 18.60%

It feels like this thread has been up forever but it's barely been up for 3 days!

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  • Made by GabeN
  • Interesting new mechanics for puzzles
  • Attention to detail. Aperture's backstory is rich and well developed.
  • Combustible lemons


  • It ends


It'll be 4 days in couple of hours or so. Get your votes in!!! Either that or make it known you want me to leave. Thanks Kantor, I appreciate the honesty!

I give it a 9.1. And with that voting is closed.

With a count of 24 votes, 7 being lowest and 10 being highest, the final average is... 9.06 (9.0583333333333333).

Pretty good score for Portal 2. I personally think it should be at least a bit higher but this isn't a bad score in the least.