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AMAZON chart:

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^for internet chart i think we can see Halo:CEA in next~3 weeks later
just guess

kowenicki said:
kivi95 said:
Don't want to sound fan boyish but i'm am pretty happy to not see the Halo CE on the list yet. I would rather see new game on the list than Remakes.

Oh and great to see Catherine joining the list on it's final week!!!


kivi95 (on 05 February 2011)

Love this HD remakes as a missed a lot of games on the ps2.

Nothing wrong with this. The first statement is about sales, the second one about games he wants to play. Besides, PS3 software doesn't sell anyway, so there's really no hypocrisy.

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Catherine on the list makes me shed a tear...150k on both consoles first week would be sooo great!
Do we know anything about Atlus' expectations,btw?

Soooo Gears does well, MW3 beast and nothing new as always.

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yahoocom1984 said:
GAMESTOP Preorder chart:,135

Battlefield 3 XBox360 takes 2nd place on XBOX360

Battlefield 3 XBOX360> Modern warfare 3 PS3

Mass effect 3 XBOX360 > Uncharted 3

Your perspective of things is pretty narrow. If Uncharted isn't a big franchise, then Mass Effect must be tiny (according to you). Both Uncharted titles have outsold both Mass Effect titles, and on PS3, both Assassin's Creed & Battlefield's highest sales are behind Uncharted 1 and/or 2's sales.

Of course as multiplatform titles, overall, Assassin's Creed & Battlefield are bigger than Uncharted, but not Mass Effect (despite the pre-order numbers). What's also interesting is that you ignore such basic principles. For example, look at Gears of War 3's pre-order numbers, they are bigger than anything else right now, right? Yet, it's a smaller franchise than Assassin's Creed & Call of Duty. Does it mean it's not big, no. It's just not as big as those franchises.


fauzman said:
I would be interested to see if MW3 can catch up to Gears by launch time. Quite likely imo.

CoD is known for showing HUGE numbers in the last weeks.

yahoocom1984 said:
1st, Uncharted is not that big franchise...

No big frachise??? Except CoD and Gears what other frachise in the list is bigger than Uncharted???

Great to see Catherine make it on the chart, now I only have to bother Brett to find out the 360 numbers. looks to be at least somewhat in line with Persona 4 as far as first week sales go, after that we'll just have to see if it has similar legs. Gonna go pick up my copy in about an hour.


kowenicki said:
Gears of war slows.... and apparently Halo CE looks like a bomb at this rate.

Its out in 15 weeks isnt it?

A bomb 15 weeks from launch? Man, we have high standards now lol.  It'll probably appear next week and start killing it.