Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is the first videogame you played in 2008?

Zelda Ocarina of time

N64 is the ONLY console of the fifth generation!

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nothing yet, will propably be Super Stardust HD,ninja gaiden s or oblivion since thats my active games ;)

Donkey Kong Country 3 on VC.

I think this may be my favourite game of all time, brings back a lot of memories :P

@Parokki: Nice to hear!

I am playing Civilization 4 and some Super Mario World.

i still havent played anything yet

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Friend and I were playing Mario Kart 64 into the New Year.

God Bless Virtual Console :)

Traditionally, it's been Super Metroid. This year, it'll probably be Prime 3, or Super Metroid.

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ok i just played a little bit of Pro evo 2008

smbu2000 said:
Well I was playing Bioshock (360) last night pretty close to midnight ;p
I still haven't played anything else yet though so far this year.


Well I ended up trying out Crysis :) so that's my first official game of the new year.


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