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I must say Nintendo has gave me many great gaming memories, but in not excited at all for the upcoming console. Nor am i yet to care much for 3DS. Doesnt help that 2 of the games i really want to play are more than likly never to be seen in the US. I got on here after staying away for abit around E3 and i just felt nothing. I looked over some of the post and articles and simply just dont care. Last time i was in this frame of mind i didnt buy any new console games for a couple years. Wii and DS brought me back, but it seems the same company is also why i going away again.

Anyways, i might lurk on here some now and then, but unless something changes ill stick to my old games and Lord of the Rings. Nothing really all the big to complain about. Just nothing to really care about console wise.


Anyone else feel like this?


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I dont. but you know replaying those old games over and over will eventually kill you.

While I am still disappointed with NOA and their stubbornness with TLS and xenoblade, the wiiU looks pretty interesting to me, Zelda is looking great, rhythm heaven, kirby and all those 3ds games are looking amazing too.
And then we have retro, monolith and probably all nintendo teams making new games for the 3ds and wiiU so I am ok with them. While I am not happy at a 100%, I am still happy with what they are offering and the new games to come.
I think we just need a change within NoA & NoE, it seems they are only marketing companies I wonder why they dont build their own studios...


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I've been done with Nintendo since the start of this gen. I feel like I've outgrown most of its killer franchises (like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon). I've had great memories with them in the past, but they just don't appeal to me anymore. Heck, I used to buy every new Pokemon game that came out (every single version). Now, I don't even know what the new Pokemon are from Black/White nor do I have any desire to buy it. I've had great gaming memories with Ninty, but now it is Sony and MS' turn to create new ones for me.

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While I'm not all that excited about the Wii U (and didn't really love the original Wii either), Nintendo usually makes up for it with awesome titles. I, too, am completely stoked about the upcoming Zelda game and Super Mario Galaxy 2 was one of my favorite Nintendo games on my least favorite Nintendo console.

Meh, there's nothing really intriguing me about the Wii U, and my 3DS has been used more as an alternate DS, so there's a good chance that I'll be scaling back some next gen. I might just skip home consoles entirely; none of them have had enough of what I want...


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So far I have no interest in both Wii U and 3DS, but I still have a little faith that Nintendo will do something special in next few years, otherwise I will skip another gen (I already skipped 2 N64/PS1 and GC/PS2).

Nope! Still planning to pick up Kirby, Zelda, and all those 3DS games. Already played Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora's Tower due to a old gaming technique called importing.


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I think its too soon to judge what nintendo has in store for us in the future, who knows maybe they will bring xenoblade and the last story to NA. With that said I am not into the wiiu but everything will depend on what games are coming to entice our interests. The 3DS sucks right now but in the future it promises greater things. In the end the best thing to do is wait and see.