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If your party doesn't have a Mage which knows Zing then you will be following your party around inside a coffin which floats until you bribe a priest to revive you. Then there are those heretics who believe that you just need to use a phoenix down they will be all okay. So to put simply it's only temporarily death unless your friends are jerks or cheap.

Former something....

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Go back to where you were before you were born. Do you remember that? Probably not...

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You will be in a dreamless, eternal sleep.



I would be extremely grateful if someone could provide a link to a scientific article debating the idea that time resets itself when our consciousnesses lose hold of it.

wfz said:
I would be extremely grateful if someone could provide a link to a scientific article debating the idea that time resets itself when our consciousnesses lose hold of it.

Here you go... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-lanza/what-happens-when-you-die_b_596600.html

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Guess, you have to die to find out. No one will ever answer this, so it's kind of a useless, but still fascinating question.

There are endless theories, and it will depend on which one you choose to believe on how hard death of others will affect you. Your own death will affect you in inexplicable ways. You will perhaps cease to exist, you will perhaps abandon your body and trascend all matter or perhaps simply reborn on another body. Possibilities are endless, but what we know is that there's no coming back from there, once you are gone, you're gone forever.

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Well God is playing a video game. When we die he loses that game against his only opponent..Satan. AS long as we are alive then he is winning his version of the game gear. That is totally made up and has no proof, please no one believe that!

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When we die that is the end of our chapter on earth and nothing more.

Where's badgenome when we need him? I wanna hear what he has to say!!

First you become a ghost, then you have to learn how to touch and move stuff, then you go possess a female psychic so you can get some lesbian action with your still living wife.

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