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Does Mario need a Break???

Yes 44 27.85%
No 99 62.66%
See results 15 9.49%

Hey Everyone.  :)

I wanna talk about gaming's most popular hero/icon and its long history. The game is obviously Mario and i want to know if you guys think he needs a break.

Lets face it.Every year (Yes every single year) Nintendo puts out Atleast 1 Mario game for 1 if not both of there platforms. Mario first came out in 1983 and since then Nintendo has always been making and pushing more and more each and every year. I personally have only played 3 mario games. There were all fun but i think its about that time for nintendo to start making new IP's instead of relaying on the same one since the 80's.

There were even a few years where Nintendo released up to 8 mario games at the same year. I know most of you guys love Mario but dont you think that is a little ridiculous??

Here is the link of the timeline of Mario games Nintendo has mad and realeased since 1983..

So do yall think he needs a break or not??? Please explain why.   :)

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Not really since most of the years we get is a sports Mario without the soul of the true Mario games (Examples M&S at Olympics, Mario Sports Mix, ect...).

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No he can't take a break, my kitchen water pipes have just burst!

so why isn't there actually a game about plumbing? In all those years he actually haven't worked a day at his job... lazy bastard..


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Yes, definitely take a break! Give some other more unique characters a chance to shine, like Wario or Luigi

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Yes I would agree that he needs a break. Make one "true" game a generation. No more bullshit spinoffs (Fortune Street), and they need to stop putting all of their weight behind him. It's time they put more weight behind other, smaller IPs, and other stuff.

One thing that I disagree with is the attitude that people have about Nintendo and new IPs. Yes they havemade some this generation. Ask me, and I'll give you a list.

No With the Wii and NES being the only consoles to give us multiple Mario Games in it's life span.
There will always be room for Main Mario Games. It just seems so bad because he has all these side projects. Most of them just using the content of past games. That makes it seems Mario is way passed overkill. Look at it this way on consoles alone. Compared to his peers there have been only 3 Mario games. 2 3D and 1 2D.
Super Mario Galaxy, Galaxy 2, and New Wii.

Now let's look at Sonic.
There have been 6 Sonic Games this generation.
Secret Rings, Black Knight, Unleashed, Colors, Hedgehog HD, and Generations.

What about Ratchet?
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Compared the quality of his games to theirs. I say Mario still holds his own very well. He is also doing it with less games too.


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Nah, I enjoy most Mario games, the only thing I wish would stop are farmed out games like the Square-Enix Mario sports games, those were bad.

Mario games span a wide variety of genres. From (2D and 3D) platforming to racing to sports, board games , RPG and so on.

So NO.

If Mario was a character in a game that stuck to one genre instead of being a cardboard cut-out for different games I would say yes.

Plus, his games are system sellers.

No, he actually deserves to get more sincere attention by Nintendo. Only five main series games spanning over the lifecycles of five home consoles is not enough when other series made it to that number on one single platform.

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