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Distressed by the plight of her father in need of an urgent replacement of both eyes and her brother of kidney, a minor girl committed suicide leaving a note instructing that her organs be donated to the ailing at Jhorpara village in Nadia district.

Mampy Sarkar, 12, was often depressed seeing her father Mridul Sarkar, a daily labourer, suffer because of his decaying eyes and her brother Monojit ailing from a damaged kidney, police said.

Monojit's other kidney was also getting weak, the doctor had diagnosed.

The Class six student had written a note which was noticed a day after she took her life and was cremated on June 27, they said.

Tapas Tarafdar, the Pradhan of local Dhantal panchayat said, Mampy discussed with her sister Manika her intention to commit suicide along with her so that their organs be used to treat their father and brother.

However, Manika dismissed the idea and went to school leaving Mampy to take the decision to commit suicide, police said.



Damn, so she not only commited suicide, but couldn't even fulfill her intentions. Sad story.

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These types of sad stories seem more fitting for GAF.

jesus christ..... thats a very depressing tale.

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that's just heart breaking :(

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I so sad now.

I no wanna be sad!

*cries, like a man*


Also,  out of pure interest, how do you know that it didn't  work?


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The most selfless act I've ever known of, and for nothing
too bad her family was dumb as shit

Conegamer said:

I so sad now.

I no wanna be sad!

*cries, like a man*


Also,  out of pure interest, how do you know that it didn't  work?

Rumor has it cremated eyes and kidneys are not very good for transplants, but I'm not sure

wow that bummed me out quite a bit, that's so sad that I can't even fathom something so selfless.

its so sad that her good intention led to this mess.. =(

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This ruined my shit. That is just heart breaking. One of the most selfless things I've ever heard of.