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yeah it makes no sense whatsoever.

Why the hell would someone complain about an entirely optional experience? That would be like bitching at Fallout and Elder Scrolls for allowing 3rd person view as an option. Or about Killzone, Resistance 3, and Littlebigplanet 2 having Move support. Or for PS3 haveing 3D support.

In other words bitching about something which is ENTIRELY optional is plain rediculous.

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I don't get the complaints. It's not like the game FORCES you to use Kinect, you have a CHOICE. I'm all for diversity in games, welcome the option.

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I was under the impression most were mad because they thought it was not optional.. The Bungie community was furious when the news came but when the news came that it would be optional we only saw a few hundred hate threads...Pretty good...


BTW can anyone link me to this Halo CEA Kinect news?

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yo_john117 said:
BTW can anyone link me to this Halo CEA Kinect news?


People are mad that Halo CEA has Kinect support? I didn't even know it had Kinect support.

Boy am I behind the times.

Mr Khan said:
Because anything that gives people the opportunity to have fun in a way that i don't care to have fun is a personal insult

And i don't like being personally insulted.

Awesome post. +1 for you.

OT: I don't mind. I use my Kinect for Dance and party games. Anything extra is icing. But if a shooter comes out with terrible Kinect control and no controller support . . . then I'll get annoyed. Key word here is terrible.

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Lostplanet22 said:
yo_john117 said:
BTW can anyone link me to this Halo CEA Kinect news?