Forums - Microsoft Discussion - What is your honest opinion on the Forza Franchise? Compeditor to GT?

I like both franchises now. There's things I like better about GT5 and there's things I like better about Forza 3.

I like the graphics way better in GT5. I feel its just way nicer looking when you're actually in game, in a race. Forza 3 looks okay, but I'm really hoping Forza 4 looks at least as good as GT5, if not better.

Pretty much everything else (besides graphics) I liked better about Forza though. It has better car choice IMO, it has a lot more tuning options, it has more options for difficulty changes to make the game harder/easier (plus you earn more money the harder your settings are). Also the levelling up system is pretty cool.

One thing I hate about Forza is when you go to sell cars the game only gives you a couple hundred dollars even if its a friggin lamborghini or something. The only way you can actually sell cars and get decent money is to sell them online, but nobody wants the shit cars you'd be trying to sell. And in GT5 I hate how you can't sell all your cars either. Like half the cars I have when I go to sell them it says "this car cannot be sold, remove from garage?"...and that's just stupid.

I'd give GT5 about a 9.2/10 and I'd give Forza 3 about a 8.8/10. If Forza 3 had GT5 level graphics it would easily get a low-mid 9's rating from me.

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it is a competior, it is also a bit better than GT5 imo, I mean GT has more cars and better tracks but Forza has more ways to customise your experience, it has better IAs, it does car damage better. As for realism I can't really tell what's better GT has a more realistic car handling but Forza 3 has better physics imo, however they are very similar, and since I don't play with the wheel I don't even see the point in making a so hard comparison.
In the end I love both I've played all GT and loved tham, expecially GT3, but in this last round I'd say Forza wins.
Still, since we're talking about simulators is quite obvious that the most recent one is normally the best.

Forza is as much a competitor to GT as Battlefield is to ARMA

Forza 3's bundles are closer to 2 Million than 1-1.5 Million. It had a release bundle, it was bundled with ODST after a few Month of release and it had the Holiday 2010 bundle.

Despite this, Gran Turismo 5 did more than Forza 3's current lifetime (84 Weeks) of 4.83 Million units, in the space of 5 Weeks.

Forza isn't really a "competitor" to Gran Turismo just yet, despite how much Turn 10 want it to be. They're trying to bundle there way to success and it's still not working... So they turn to Kinect. If Kinect doesn't lift the Forza name to Gran Turismo heights, then there's probably no hope for it in the long run. Sure, reviewers say Forza is currently the better game (although Gran Turismo is the better racer, if you read the reviews), but in the eyes of the public... Forza is no GT.

Michael-5 said:
Vetteman94 said:

As a franchise I think its good, I wish they took the racing a little more seriously though. If they put the kind of effort into the racing aspect that they do to all the community and customization stuff it would probably be a better game than Gran Turismo. But because Gran Turismo's focus is on the racing first and foremost and it shows as its far and away the better sim racer it will always be one step behind . And with Gran Turismo getting better community features the gap will continue to get wider.

The perfect game would be Forza's community and customization with Gran Turismo's sim racing.


Also,  The new Chevy Camaro is outselling the Ford Mustang

Only the year it came out it did. For 2010 Ford still topped Chevy by a lot, and Dodge is nowhere to be seen (How often do you see a challenger?)

The Camaro outsold the Mustang by close to 8000 units in 2010,  and for the first 3 months this year it outsold it as well.  Dont know about the other months

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Lyrikalstylez said:

what I can tell you from my limited experience is that Sim Racing games are boring

Um, yeah, pretty much this for me too.

I've played Forza 3 and GT5. It was honestly like I was playing the same game with different menus and HUDs.

GOTY Contestants this year: Dead Space 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f. Everything else can suck it.

Sales-wise? Sure, it competes. I'd argue it's even potentially MORE successful given how well it sells and how efficiently and quickly the games are developed. GT5 was a ridiculous waste of 6 years, not that the final product wasn't great.

As far as the games themselves, professional racing sim analysts have broken it down and it's clear that Forza doesn't really drive like a sim. It helps you out in a lot of ways automatically which the real cars would not, and thus is more fun for people who want something more arcady, while GT5 has those options all assists can be turned off and it becomes a real sim, with the most accurate physics in the genre. My one big complaint with GT5 (and it's pretty big) is I perfer to play in a realistic cockpit view, and it only has that view for 200 cars (most of which I don't care about).

naznatips said:
Sales-wise? Sure, it competes. I'd argue it's even potentially MORE successful given how well it sells and how efficiently and quickly the games are developed. GT5 was a ridiculous waste of 6 years, not that the final product wasn't great.

While I know what you're getting at with that comment, I think you should to take the following into consideration -

Gran Turismo 4 - 2004/2005 - 11 Million Seller
Tourist Trophy - 2006 - We only have Japan sales here at over 100k, but the game went Platinum so it's safe to say the game sold over 500k WW.
GT HD - 2006 - No data
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue - 2007/2008 - 5.2 Million units (Inc Downloads)
Gran Turismo PSP - 2009 - 2.3 Million (Inc Downloads)
Gran Turismo 5 - 2010 - 6.3 Million sold in 7/8 Months (Had shipped 6.3 in 2 Months)

6 "Titles" released between 2004 and 2010, without Tourist Trophy and GT HD included here, we reach almost 25 Million units of SW (Inc DL)

And then we have Forza...

Forza Motorsport - 2005 - 1.07 Million
Forza Motorsport 2 - 2007 - 4.01 Million
Forza Motorsport 3 - 2009 - 4.83 Million

3 titles released since 2005, not yet reached 10 Million units.

Make of this what you will.

I'm more eager to compare Forza 4 to GT5.


Your never going to get peoples honest opinions when you compare titles that are exclusives to the competition so why bother. GT5 has always been better than forza and Forza was MSs answer to the GT series. But of course I'll say that. I grew up playing playstation and Gran Turismo and thats my honest opinion. These type of topics are always hilarious. You get some people saying one game has more real sounds than the other and these people never even heard what the car they picked in the game sounds like in real life but the sounds are more real than the other LMAO.

The question I have is why ask which is better. If you truely think something is better than just play it and enjoy it.