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Worst home console name ever?

Yes, Wtfudge Nintendo? Change it! 57 65.52%
No, I like it. 30 34.48%

The bad name confirms bad games. No buy. :p

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Lmao a funny parody and yeah the name is sucky, but what can you do? Its already been announced...

My only complaint about the name is how much the "hardcore" crowd makes fun of it, and thereby doesn't respect the brand itself. I guarantee you, if Nintendo gave it a badass name with a black color scheme, all the wannabe hardcores would be all, "OH SHIT NINTENDO'S BRINGIN' THE GAME NOWWW."

*insert rolleyes here.*

The name's fine. Probably one of the most fitting and descriptive console names out there (far more fitting than Dreamcast, Wonderswan, Xbox, Xbox 360, any of SEGA's, and anything pre-3rd generation). Sony and Nintendo are the only manufacturers who've ever clearly described what their consoles are with their names - SNES = upgraded NES. Nintendo 64 = 64-bit Nintendo console. Gamecube = cube-shaped console used to game. Playstation = station for playing. Wii = we play, we enjoy, we are together. Wii U = we still enjoy it, but YOU do too.

It's really just the way it sounds that's bad, and it grows on you fairly quickly, anyways.


The Wii sounds bad, but look how it's been doing!

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The name don't bother me and I will be buying the Wii-U as soon as possible.