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sony won barely , nintendo show a new console but no games for the console, first party games, was a lame presentation. Microsoft omg what a lame conference they have.

sony have the vita price ( nice price btw ) and a ton of games for it, but i will not buy it cause i dont play handhelds, so this E3 was the worst of all time for me glad EA and other multiplatform companies show some awsome games!!!


ps- i think sony have a bad conference cause they want to focus on vita , new hardware , if they announce some super exclusive they could not get the massive attencion for the vita. I expect to see some news about games like syphon filter etc in the next games convencion


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I agree.

Though I'd say if the conferences were rated on a numeral scale, the disparity between scores would be at a 0.01 level. Awful conferences all around; I personally say they were all equal.

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I think Sony won cause they kind of killed the myth that they're going for $599.00. lol

With Nintendo, with what they've shown I liked it even some of the games for 3DS such as Luigi's Mansion and the possibilities of the WiiU gameplay but they kind of left some uncertainty to probably most of the gamers with the WiiU, some even left them confused. lol

But even if Sony won E3 for me, it's really just a small margin that it's possible that the winners could be both of them or interchangeable. But one thing for sure, E3 '11 sucked. :P

I agree. For me, Sony had the best press conference thanks to Vita. As far as the home console market goes though, all 3 failed abysmally in my opinion.

IGN is only one media, I think the general consensus in the media is that Nintendo "won" (or received more attention)...but it was a pretty lame victory if u ask me, nothing to brag about.

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scottie said:
IGN: Why PS3 won E3

Because we refuse to admit the existence of Nintendo, and because Sony's was slightly better than Microsoft's.

i disagree. all Nintendo showed was the controler for the Wii u, and while awsume they needed more then that to win.

Michael-5 said:

 This is one reason why E3 bummed me out for PS3, after this fall, what do we have? 




And of course anything quantic dream is doing would be a gamescon announcement. 



Also- if you guys read about it you'll notice that Dust 514 was the biggest announcement of the show by far. The stuff the devs have been talking about doing with it will completely blow all fps games out of the water. And sony has it as an exclusive- they win by far. The more I learn about Dust the more I realize how much further ahead sony's conference was than nintendos or MS. 

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I disagree and I'm a Sony supporter.

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Machina said:

I agree. For me, Sony had the best press conference thanks to Vita. As far as the home console market goes though, all 3 failed abysmally in my opinion.

well maybe i should watch MS and Soys press confrences again cause i thought both where great and definatlybetter then Nintendo's

and i see So0ny winning next year also...

but now its TGS...its gonna be awesome!!!!