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Boutros said:
Are Silent Hill games related one another?

Sort of.  They all have similar elements, as well as the same mythos, which is usually expanded on each new game.  But in terms of directly related to each other, not completely.  The 3rd game is pretty much a direct sequel to the 1st game, as it continues the story of two of the main characters from the 1st.  The 4th one is more a spiritual sequel to the 2nd game, as it expands on characters you read about in the 2nd game.

Oh, and I couldn't tell you about the other games in the series after 4, cause he haven't really played them.  Refuse to play a Silent Hill game not made by Team Silent.

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I already played 2 and 3, I haven't played 4 so I won't be buying this

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Looks like its time for me to finish Silent hill 2 in HD!!! already finished 1,3,4.

They got to use that "remastered" word carefully. Drawing some new facial textures and re-rending the game in 720p is not remastered.

Also, where is Silent Hill 4? 1 would be nice to despite the fact not even Naughty Dog and Insomniac combined could remaster that to be acceptable by todays standards. (visually) bring it to the vita!

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Can't wait. This is definitely an HD collection I'm interested in.

Why no Silent Hill 4?!

Yay, i'll finally be able to play those turds. =D

the first i've played was 4, which was just fuggn awesome. And i also liked Homecoming very much.


@SH4: i think theyll make another collection, with 4 and Shattered Memories.

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so why is this exclusive??

Boutros said:
CGI-Quality said:
Boutros said:
Are Silent Hill games related one another?

Only 1 & 3. 2 and 3 are completely different stories.

Are they good? (as if I didn't know the answer)

All Silent Hills prior to Homecoming are considered good (although depending on who you talk to, many are iffy about SH4).


kitler53 said:
so why is this exclusive??

Good question (especially considering what Konami just did with ZoE & MGS). If anything, the Metal Gear Collection would make MUCH more sense as an exclusive.

Regardless, this may be my first platinum in ages!