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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony E3 2011 full analysis (And updates as we go along)

God of War Origins...I'll be getting that!

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AND... Its over...? I wanted to honestly see some NEW content. I guess Sony's bombshell was the $249.99 price point for Vita, other then that, its all stuff we generally already knew about.

And I want to know, where the hell is the love for PS3? Nothing really new/interesting at all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the only real thing they announced for the PS3 was the new Sly Cooper... cool and all, but certainly far from any "Wow Factor"

On a side note, Uncharted 3 looks incredible, and Sony, you have my money for Vita. That is all.

holy crap sony smoooked microsoft they actually showed game after game there conference was for gamers microsofts was for familys who dont even watch e3

It aint as bad as MS one with all the on rails and casual shit....

High lights

*Uncharted 3
*Resistance 3
*Sly 4 announced
*Dust announced
*ruin announced
*$249 NGP LOL!!!! epic!

disolitude said:

uncharted 3 looks sweet...but we all knew it was disappointing. same rules as ms confeence...

not new announcement= dissapointing

I agree. The only reason it was better than the MS conference was because of the psv, and even then I didn't like it...

They need to announce games for psv asap!

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." -My good friend Mark Aurelius

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PS vita looks amazing, If i didnt have a DS i'd consider getting one.

cloofoofoo said:
Shadowblind said:


So far these have been the worst E3 press conferences I've ever seen.

Find it on par with ms conference?Persoanlly i enjoyed both but felt the  sony one was a bit more...uhhh barebones?

I gave Microsoft a C-. I give Sony a D+.

Halo 4 is massive, whether I think so or not. Also, I like dance games, so I'm a bit biased to Kinect. Though I like first party Sony games way more then Microsoft's. Also . . . PS3 has Tales of Graces. Yet...

Basically nothing unexpected was shown. No shocks, no excitement. No bombshells. No huge game announcements . . . not even teasers for them. Average on every point I can think of.

Sigh. They are both practicallhy the same to me.

GOTY Contestants this year: Dead Space 2, Dark Souls, Tales of Graces f. Everything else can suck it.

ummmm. As a PS3 owner, that was underwhelming. It does make me want a Vita - maybe.

But if you were to stack up PS3 show versus 360 show, it's a draw, no? Just a decision whether you're more geeked for more Drake or more Halo.

It's sequel time in this gen, it seems. Devs/Pubs cashing in on already having learned the systems and taking some chances early in the cycle, making some bank before the new hotness gets generated in 2 years.

New major first/second party IP ain't coming until next gen, it seems.

Can't we all just get along and play our games in peace?

That was the first Sony E3 show I've watched live. I was impressed by the graphical power of a few of the games, Uncharted certainly does look nice. Trenton is just not the best presenter. The tie joke may even have pointed that out. They showed alot of cool games, and did an okay job of showing off the Vita (that Ruin demo went on a little too long, and you couldn't see over the dudes shoulder quite well enough to really get a good sense of it) but overall, as the non-Sony fan Jack said they wanted to show off what I was missing, nothing really got me. I need to watch the MS one still. This one wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't GREAT.


Wow PSVita is going to smoke the 3DS out of the water. Same price for the normal one and the 3g will be supported by AT&T? I bet it will get iphone status advertising by them. This shiz is going to go on fire.