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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumur: Nintendo's Next Console to be Called ..* Drumroll* ..The Nintendo

Sounds cool I wonder how much itll cost let alone if there's gonna be a new Smash Bros. game on it! =P

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mysticwolf said:
But many people call the NES the Nintendo...
I think that all these rumors are false, and we have absolutely no clue what it will be called, and come Tuesday they will announce the name and our minds will be blown because we never expected it, and it will be an awesome name.

Super Wii! You heard it here first. OK probably not. I like the name, The Nintendo. Nice and simple.

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I kinda like it. Clever. Not as if a name REALLY matters anyway.


For a moment I thought it was going to be called "Drumroll"

I would love to get paid loads of money to come up with names like the Nintendo... 'Nintendo'.

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I like it alot