Forums - Sony Discussion - So is the MOVE bundle worth it for $49?

Frye's has MOVE for $49 unitl 6/9.  I'm thinking about buying it.  Is it worth it though?  Do you think a bunch of MOVE games will be announced at E3?


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If you can find the games you wanna play Move with, then go for it.

Also I'd say you just wait till Sony's Conference is over to see if they show off some new Move Games and if they appeal, that should be the deciding factor because u dont wanna buy it, use it for a while and then not use it because there arent many more Move games you want coming out in future.

Cross-X has already given the best advice that I will repeat: wait until after Sony's Conference, and then if they have MOVE games coming that you are interested in buy the bundle at that good price.

In my case, I just very recently sold my MOVE bundle because there weren't enough compatible games for it that I'm interested in. I too probably should have waited until after Sony's Conference, but I finally got tired of it sitting there unused (and I am a big fan of Wii motion/pointer controls).

I bought the MOVE hardware without giving too much thought to the games that were available, primarily because I'm a bit of a sucker for new technology, and wanted to see how it compared to the Wii. The technology is good, and the controller felt comfortable in my hands. So, be patient for another couple of days and then decide based on the games.

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