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Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater 3D is heading to 3DS later this year. The new E3 2011 trailer for the game features footage from the opening cut-scene and gives us a chance to see how the game stacks up to the original version on PlayStation 2. Now Watch the video below. Does the 3DS version look the best ?

Click here to see the video

I found it not really amazing :(


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Glad this video was posted as it proves my point. The sad thing though is that it looks worse than the PS2 version!

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The PS2 version seems more crisp (which could very well be a resolution thing, or that they were capturing 3D off the 3DS version), but otherwise they look identical

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Bad work Konami...the tech-demo showed the power of the console, together with RE this looks just a lazy porting.

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Yeah, based on that video I'm inclined to agree that the PS2 version looks a little better (sharpness, color).

Then again, MGS3 was one of the most incredible looking games on the PS2 and the 3DS version still looks great to me.

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why does the ps2 version looks better? or is it just me? :S

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Oh well, you know which version will look better than both of these? PS360 =]

Glad I'm not alone in thinking that it looks like shit.

I never really liked the visuals in MGS 3, personally I thought the tanker level in MGS2 was more impressive especially the amount of detail (nice pictures in lockers, shooting the bottles in the bar, the rain on the boat, the waves bashing at the boat, shooting the fruit, etc);.


Come on guys, aren't you the least impressed that 3DS is capable of porting a 7 year old game on a current handheld device!?

I mean the graphics aren't on par or better than the PS2 version but it's still an accomplishment.

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