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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why 3DS Cafe doom threads are getting lame

M.U.G.E.N said:
Metallicube said:
patapon said:

You made this wonderful thread and what happends the very next day?

The sony fanboies hath no shame!!!

 That is bizzare that this topic came right before mine. It's like he saw into the future.

 Haha trust me, I am about as far as you can get from a Sony fanboy.. If anything, I am an anti-Sony fanboy. Basically, it is not a good sign for Nintendo when I am actually starting to look at a SONY made platform, of all things, over their own. Of course, Sony will probably end up overpricing the NGP, in which case I will end up buying neither platform. So basically to be fair, everyone sucks equally :P

sarcasm detecter broken today? :P

No it's up and running. Just a bit hard to detect sometimes on the internetz

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I submit that they have always been lame.



Lame within this context of the digital distribution of information and ideas being defined as "devoid of intellectual merit".

Frankly, they're getting lame because there's so many of them.  Its like 30 people all came on the forum and said 'I had this totally original idea.  3DS sucks!  I'm gonna make a thread about it without checking if another one exists'.

Its also annoying because they don't aknowledge any contrary opinion.  The threads are just full of spammers who love to rag on a Nintendo system or think they have some amazing new theory to the future of the 3DS.  Despite the tons of people who keep pointing out that the original DS had the same slow start and even less good games scheduled for later release.

I say a mod deletes all but one of the threads and just sticky that one and be done with it.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



They're lame because they're a magnet for almost everything bad about a message board you can think of: Trolls, Stealth Trolls, Endless bickering that will never go anywhere (usually just from the same two-three people), Annoying Negative Nancies, and some of the most baffling, far-fetched, or downright retarded lines of logic and reasoning imaginable.

Not that this is exclusive to these kinds of threads, sadly.

Euphoria14 said:
JayWood2010 said:
Euphoria14 said:
JayWood2010 said:
Euphoria14 said:
JayWood2010 said:

Not going to lie PS3 fans(****) are the worst of all fan****.  They are whiny, completely bias, and everything has to do with graphics.   Graphics doesn't make a game as Killzone has defitely proved, yet no sony person will actually admit.  I own a PS3 and love it, but I also own a 360 and still haven't found a better series than Gears.  As for nintendo they have tons of First party games.  

I have found Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft fanboys to be just as whiny, completely bias and worrying about graphics just as much as Sony fanboys.

Whining, bias and graphics whoring isn't isolated to just Sony fanboys. That is just the garbage everyone, including the media wants you to believe. Funny thing though is that they are bitching and whining about someone else bitching and whining.

Like I said, it goes full circle.

I disagree.  I have seen Microsoft fans be bias towards games, acting like Xbox is the only stuff there is.  Honestly Sega?  When do you hear anything from sega?  I hardly ever hear anything from nintendo.  Sure they like there games but i hardly ever hear them bashing on other consoles.  This site is becoming a joke because all of the sony fans.  Its ridiculous.   

You must have not been around before this generation.

That is why I mentioned Sega fanboys.

Anyways the Sony fans are not the ones making doom threads, it is more Nintendo fans than anything else and I see everyone but Sony fans bitching and moaning right now. 


If anything Sony fanboys annoy me with threads about Lady Gaga album sales.

Ive been playing games for 15 years. Since I was 4 years old.  I have never seen console wars get so ridiculous before.  It's dumb.  And if you deny that this site for the majority is sony fans, then you are full of it.

I have been gaming for over 20 years and I must ask this. How many years have you been following gaming on the internet?

Other than that, no need to start getting personal and telling people they are full of it. You are now looking no better than those you are complaining about. I never mentioned anything about which kind of fans frequent this site most because to be honest, that means absolutely nothing.

Can you honestly say the console wars is not stupid?  Can you tell me that Uncharted sucks?  Can you tell me that Gears of War sucks? Can you tell me that Zelda sucks?  My point is, people need to shutup about the console wars simply because people have different opinions and all of the consoles/Handhelds have great games.  

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feet-turn kick! (or should I say spinning-bird kick!)


Edit: Oops, I didn't even realize this was my own thread when I posted this. Not a bump I swear. haha