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leo-j said:

who's everyone? ESPN?

every NBA ANALYST has been against the heat ever since they went up against the celtics..all of them expected the bulls to take miami down.. since they're riding rose's hype.. everyone in the U.S hates miami for.. nothing..  they didn't do anything illegal.. the bulls are cocky and gibson was mentioning bosh's entire family trying to get him to fall apart.. and when dang dunked on lebron.. noah got up and started screaming at lebron's face and laughing..

you think people like that deserve to win anything? Especially with boozer screaming everytime someone gets close to making a shot for the bulls.. him, gibson, and even noah are extreemely offensive towards miami, suprised the bulls didn't get technicals more than they did.. especially with their coach screaming at the refs.. constantly.. after any single play..

and then you have someone say that the refs are on the heat's side.. seriously..noah was attacking lebron last year.. while he was making free throws.. completely going off, that's a loser for you.. and until the bulls mature, they wont get passed the celtics or the heat in the east..

well i have to agree that everyone was aginst the heat before they made it to finals but its been much worse for mavs. i dont think they were favored at all to win any series in these playoffs and it looks like that is going to coninue. after becoming the 3rd seed for the playoffs the so called analysts sill believed portland , a 6 seed, would win. then the lakers, i dont think anyone besides charles barkley thought they would win. and then after coming off of a sweep from the defending champs only half the analysts thought mavs would win against thunder. and now after all of that less than 10% of the experts think mavs are gonna win and heat might finish them off in maybe 5 games. Thats a litte disrespect right there considering mavs have been playing against all of the odds and never lost to the heat since the 06 finals. they even say that the heat defense will destroy the mavs and how lbj and wade will stomp over them. MAVS have a very underratedd defense, analysts act like MAVS have the worst D in  the playoffs but in reality the MAVS D may be on par with the celtics D at least and a much better offense.

I guess both teams have been given a lot of disrespect from the NBA and I know that the heat would be flooded by hate and disrespect if the MAVS win the finals. but then again if mavs don't in the finals they will once again be labeled "soft" like they were in 06, and dirk will considered a choker. There is no doubt in my mind thay heat will likely be ocming to finals for the next 3-4 years especially since they will be getting a better center next year but this is it for the MAVS. Basically their last chance. I hope MAVS will win.

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time for mavs to do work


can anyone say reDIRKulous?

down by 15! came back. MAVS are here to play

Woot go Mavs! I am a Bulls fans first, but the Mavs will officially become my second favorite NBA team if they can somehow manage to beat the Heat in the finals. Time for a payback from 2006!

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adriane23 said:
leo-j said:

The heat can never win to their haters.. never.. if they win anything, there's always going to be an excuse by the haters saying they cheated..

"The officials, gave them the series, the nba's favoritism gave them the series"..


are you serious.. considering half the media said the bulls would win, and after game 1 people were hating on the heat like crazy.. nobody's hating on the bulls right now.. are they.. had the heat lost everyone would have said the heat were overrated.. a piece of X.. considering they were the 2nd seed vs the 1st..

you know what I think? I think lebron and wade, have already hit their potential on that team together.. you can see it on their faces.. being down siginificantly with little time left in game 5..

they're playing the league.. which is why noah said, "they're hollywood"..

and the heat aren't the one's getting a load of commercials during the play offs.. the bulls are.. rose is.. when rose makes a layup.. a simple layup.. the media goes nuts.. it was the same with lebron last year, and the year's before that.. they jump on the "next big thing" banwagon, which is why rose won mvp, chances are next year both lebron and wade will win mvp if they win a championship this year(even if they don't deserve it..).. just because people will start riding on miami..

I approve of this rant. The Bulls received so much love it was ridiculous. They're a regular season team just like the Cavs were.

No way, the Bulls this season were better than the Cavs. Their defense and bench was much stronger. Lest we forget they won 9 games in the playoffs, making it all the way to the ECF. You might have a case if they lost in the 1st or 2nd round.

They just got the shaft by having to go up against a super team with 3 allstars in the ECF. I can't fault my Bulls for that. I still think they could have been the Mavs in the finals.

Why is it so quiet?

It turns out that I was right about one thing in my thread.

LeBron James does rhyme with choke.

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Congrats to the Mavs, I'm glad Nowitzki got his ring.