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Now it is getting difficult to not be excited about E3...


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Sony is going all out this year.I can't wait.

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Rain is Los Angeles? Not in June son, not with El Nino not redeveloping before spring 2012.

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TheSource said:

Rain is Los Angeles? Not in June son, not with El Nino not redeveloping before spring 2012.

Pretty much. We're more likely to have an earthquake than for it to rain during the summer here in southern California.

Hmm that shows some impresive confidence.

I was thinking NGP details and 50$ price cut for this year E3 but that doesn't warrant such a agresive E3 timing.

$200 PS3 super slim ?


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why isn't E3 ever on the east coast...say like new york or boston...I would love to see that(especailly since it would be in driving distance...lol)

anyway, like always I'm always stoked for Sony's E3 Conference the most(followed by nintendo then Microsoft)

TheSource said:

Details are on the VGC page. What do you all make of the earlier start time? Presumably 1/2 the show will be on NGP and the rest of the show on PS3 given the PSP / PS2 fall off in the West

What does this have to do with sales

I wonder if they're going to have a bunch of stuff for Move?

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i hope they announce a release date for Sorcery!! NGP should be called PSP2 seriously,

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phinch1 said:

Or maybe another revised ps3, they could make it smaller if they made the power supply external like with the ps2, it would also help with keep the heat down, smaller shell makes it lighter, cheaper to ship, savings for them means price cuts for us.

Not a bad idea if they can do it. A cute little PS3 would be nice :)