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There are 7 Billion people in the world that think if the world was the way that they envision it, that it would be the greatest world in

Anyway, there are such a wide variety of viewpoints and beliefs, that I don't think two people in the world have the same exact beliefs on every single issue.

So what makes YOURS the best? Why should the world implant policies that YOU believe?

And what proof do you have that it's the best?

*Not trying to attack, just curious. I'm sorry if it comes off as an attack.*

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I don't think my views are the best.

Granted I do think my "beliefs" are better then most people, but this is due to the fact that I don't really have beliefs.

I really don't care about ideologies or viewpoints.  I just want what will work best short and long term and pretty much just base my opinions of general observable facts of research that i can study and eliminate biases from.


There are very few issues I wouldn't change my mind on if you had honest unbiased data on the subject.. and those few reasons are basically all personal freedom issues.  (Gay marriage and the like).

I don't think mine are best, but most decisions make by politicians right now seem to be out of self-interest or ignorance. So I can at least say my ideas would be better than that.

Most of the world is living in crappy conditions. Whatever I do might not be the absolute best possible scenario, but it couldn't be worse than what we have.

Minimize the influence of greedy corporations and optimize human welfare without sacrificing much in middle-class prosperity, technological breadth, or free expression. How that could be achieved is probably a pipe-dream (though a set of aggressive constitutional amendments would be useful, then relying on the judiciary to cleanly interpret a set of untouchable progressive-socialist laws)

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Communism would be nice, if theory actually became practice ,


Now that I thought about it,

Never going to happen.

My beliefs are not always right, nor they're wrong per sé, it's my opinion and I am entitled to it, I think too many try to push others to believe what the want to, the PS3 sig being an example "PS3 IS THE FUTURE, NOW BELIEVE!!!!@!@!", not saying that there aren't similar cases in different camps. It's just interesting how big a fanatics people are being for a faceless coroporation, if someone told me Notch is awesome, I'd go with it, because Notch is Notch and he's awesome.

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Mine are the best logical beliefs given the extremely limited information I have solely because I reason through the information. They are definitely not close to the best simply because I can't have all the information out there to have a trully optimal belief.

My reasoning stems from single goal and that is the most benefit to the greatest number of people without doing harm to others.

Edit: Also based on realism not idealism.

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What sort of beleifs are we talking about? Political? Religious? Video games? You're being very vague?

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They are mine so obviously in mine eyes they are better than opinions of others.


Zlejedi said:

They are mine so obviously in mine eyes they are better than opinions of others.

Simple and true.