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Nintendo's playing conservatively in this case. Remember the old pre-PS3 quote "they will buy it at this price even if it has no games?" It's true, to a certain segment of buyers, and they can sell the device now with lesser titles like Pilotwings or Steel Diver to back it up, and keep the momentum rolling by wheeling out the bigger software further down the line

Nintendo's picking up mistakes they made with the Wii: creating too much demand too quickly at too low a price, which left all sorts of money on the table that they could have gotten, but didn't, because of shortages and the clear willingness of people to pay much more than Nintendo was asking.

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no its the right time otherwise people might have held off for an NGP if it launched closer to it.

at the moment they got the spotlight to themselves so they can build a strong lead.

Not at all. 

The "weak" launch line-up is in tune with the launch of any other system in the last 5-6 years and better than almost any launch line up before that.  It lacks a heavy hitter that everyone must own out of the gate, sure, but when the thing is going to be sold out for an entire year straight (possibly two like the Wii) there's no reason not to hold off on such titles until later.  Those games can also be better for it.

Also, what do you think they could have done about battery life?  The current battery tech has existed since the 70s and hasn't seen much real improvment other than becoming smaller and more portable (and a bit safer, I'd imagine).  The next big thing in batteries will be hydrogen, but we're not there yet and even once we are it will take many years for it to get small enough and safe enough to use in a handheld.  The only gains (minor ones at that) that could have come from waiting would be shrinking the internal components, but then it would have been cheaper to just put something more powerful in instead.  Do take note that it can play original DS games as long as a DS can, because as I mentioned battery technology hasn't improved in many years.

So you've got a launch line-up that isn't objectively bad, and in fact will please many people, and demand for technology that doesn't exist yet and won't for years or decades.  On top of that, you haven't considered in the least what that would do to the company on other fronts.  They would have to continue relying on the DS for their portable market, and that has essentially reached saturation.  They'd also have to delay the realease of the Wii's successor for as long as they delayed the 3DS because it's both difficult to juggle two major launches at once and bad for consumers who then have to choose which they will actually buy.  Finally, they'd have to  spend a lot of time developing stuff that isn't making them money when it absolutely could be.

Really, I see no good reason to even consider the idea.  If anything, they should have launched it sooner, but they wanted to get one more Christmas out of the DS in order to maximize profits (which is why it launched so soon after the major holiday). 

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Short battery life, made more annoying by long recharging time, is the biggest problem, but it will be solved with 3DSi. In the teeth of vanilla 3DS buyers, that will have to buy a more powerful battery separately, if they need longer run time. But by now, every IT devices user should perfectly know that buying 1.0 versions is never wise, so their fault.

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No. Nintendo released it at the correct time. Everything is fine. 

No, they were mainly focusing on getting it out for the Japanese developers, who were beginning to flock to the PSP, for its growing user base and relatively decent but not small company breaking costs.

In America, they just dropped Pokemon, so they figureed not to need another big game yet to distract, besides not having one ready. It was the right time, it is probably just that if they had their choice (or more accurtately better control of the market) the 3DS wouldn't have been announced when it was leaked and it wouldn't have arrived in stores in Japan until either around Golden Week or a summer release.

Sony and that leak about it, forced their hands. They are sort of ready but not as much as they would have liked and the tsunami porbably is screwing things up for them as well.

Not sure if it released at the wrong time but 3 things are for sure:  the short battery life, price and the lamentable launch line up: console ports, remakes and weak games are all obvious weak points. Especially games, making your launch games terrible just doesn't make any sense, there's no reason to do it at all.

I'm surprised no one's pointed out the lack of the 3DS shop.

People don't even know about 3DS in real life. I must have asked like 20 employees today and they hadn't the slightest clue. And they worked in the electronics department.