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Quantic Dream Staying Exclusive To PlayStation

The Xbox 360 army shouldn't plan to see Heavy Rain--or anything else from Quantic Dream--on their console anytime soon.  David Cage says he's throwing all his chips in with his original backer in Sony.

Quantic Dream's  relationship with Sony has been well-publicized since the 2-million-selling success of Heavy Rain, bringing Cage's independent company closer to the hardware giant through marketing deals and cash backing.  And without the bank and support of Sony, the game likely never would've been published.

"We have an exclusive relationship with Sony," Cage told CVG.   "They trusted us from day one, supported us all the way through.  [Heavy Rain] was really a very risky project and they never let us down."  He went on to make it clear they're "staying exclusive to PlayStation."

And at least on the surface, his motivations aren't entirely business-driven:

"I am very loyal in general - or I try to be. I know that trusting me is always a big risk and when people do, I feel like I owe them something. It's not just because I want to thank them, though. We have a relationship that works, we're excited by the platform - we think it's the best platform out there. We're glad to continue to work this way."

He elaborated, saying that his loyalties included discussing tech and business plans with other Sony-affiliated studios, like "Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Guerrilla, [and] Media Molecule," though he wasn't willing to admit exactly which games he'd given his input for.  Nonetheless, it would seem the walls between the PlayStation devout are few.

With rumor of another title called "Fiv5" coming out of Quantic Dream in the future, do you think this brand loyalty is a smart business decision on the developer's part?  And how hypocritical does this make Sony in theirvocal support of cross-platform titles from third-party devs?


i predict QD next game to be revealed at E3 exclusive on playstation 3(im hoping its exclusive)

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I've got ya beat by 3 min:



oh my god. the ps3 is awesome. buy a ps3 slim, quantic dream are the best.

the best RPG's are coming 2013 !!!! oh my god, this is perfect for RPG-GAMER = ) Ni No Kuni - 25 january, Time and Eternity, tales of xillia (PS3) and the maybe best game ever: metal gear solid ground zero

I think it's in QD's interest to stay exlcusive to sony. For now anyway. 

I get the feeling that David Cage is sony's equivalent to Peter Molyneux.

As long as the release/announce something, I'm happy!

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Quantic Dream = Sony ^^


i can see sony buying them if there next game is successfull

I'll definitely buy their next game. :)

-Newcloud- said:

i can see sony buying them if there next game is successfull

Maybe. I could definitely see them becoming the Team ICO of the West for Sony. A studio who only produces one or two games a generation but specializes in artistic games. I suppose it really depends on how much it would cost Sony to maintain Quantic Dream. With Team ICO it's just a production team within Japan Studios, however with Quantic Dream Sony would have to maintain a whole seperate studio in France, a country that they currently have no development studios present in. How many staff QD has will also be a factor. One of the reasons why Media Molecule was scooped up so quick was because it's a tiny studio of less than 50. I can't imagine QD is too big based on how long it took them to produce Heavy Rain though.

this is called: loyalty.

Sony should try to get more studios loyal to them.